15 Futuristic Inventions That Exists Today

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The technology which existed in science fiction; only to be known through the words of an imaginative writer or through the actions of a creative director can now be seen around. Science and technology has progressed by leaps and bounds making it possible to cherish the future at present. Today, we have collected 15 futuristic technologies which are already here. Add to the list in the comment section below.

1. Bionic Eyes – First Implant Gives Sight To Blind 

1-Futuristic Inventions - Bionic Eyes

Source: CBS News

2. 3D Printers – Can Even Print Food!

2-Futuristic Inventions - 3D Printers

3. Clothes Cleaning Laundry System – Cleans, Irons, De-stains And Refreshes Clothes

3-Futuristic Inventions - Cloth Cleaning Systems

Source: Yankodesign

4. Touch Table PC – Order Food, Pay Bill, Surf Web, Check Email And Play Games On Table

4-Futuristic Inventions - Touch Table PC

Source: Ultraportabletech

5. Flying Car

5-Futuristic Inventions - Flying cars

Source: Discovery News

6. Military ‘Iron Man’ Suit TALOS Protoype Is Being Tested Right Now

6-Futuristic Inventions - Powered Exoskeletons

Source: NBS News

7. Digital Tattoo To Unlock Your Smartphones

7-Futuristic-Invention-Digital Tatoos

Source: wonderfulengineering

8. MediRobot – Robotic Assistant To Lift And Transfer Patients With Limited Mobility

8-Futuristic Inventions - MediRobots

Source: Yankodesign

9. Self-Driving Cars

9-Futuristic Inventions - Self Driving Cars

10. Remote-Controlled Drones

10-Futuristic Inventions - Remote Controlled Drones

11. Wearable Technology – Smart Glasses, Rings, Bracelets And Watches

11-Futuristic Inventions - Wearable Technology

12. Sound Cloaking Device – Stop Acoustic Waves From Any Direction

12-Futuristic Inventions - Sound Cloaking Device

Source: DailyMail

13. Wireless Electricity – A House Which Is Powered With No Wires Attached

13-Futuristic Inventions - Wireless Electricity

Source: CNN

14. 3D Intraoperative Holographic Technology

14-Futuristic Inventions - 3D Intraoperative Holographic Technology

Source: RealViewImaging

15. Virtual Reality 

Check the video below.

15-Futuristic Inventions - Virtual Reality

YouTube Preview Image

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