15 Genius Test Answers By Kids

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Never speak a lie in front of kids, because they are more likely to expose your true face. The result will be either you sunk low with embarrassment or your children get a few laughs for their innocence.  The brain of a child is very pure until the life experiences burns a hole right through it. You might have encountered that one child who seems to question everything and somehow whatever you ask. There is no denying the fact that each new generation is getting smarter than the previous one.  It is obvious you cannot expect a straight answer from them. Today we have gathered 15 kids who may have answered wrong on tests but these kids, in reality, are genius and out of box thinkers.

1. The Genius Way To Impress A Teacher

1-the genius way to impress your teacher

2. Well, He Is Not Wrong

2-explain what hard water is

3. Jennifer Lawerence Will Give An A+

3-best solution to over population

4. The Future Martin Luther King

4-the science of classifying living things

5. Kid Overcame Confusion Pretty Quickly

5- genius way to answer true or false

6. There Was No Better Way To Answer

6- i cant remember

7. This Kid Is Realistic

7-in 100 years i will be dead

8. Simply Brilliant

8-example of risk

9. Haha, Even Kids Can’t Avoid This Fact

9- hermaphrodites is lady gaga

10. “I Can’t Believe My Teacher Doesn’t Know That!”

10- where was american declaration of independence signed

11. Give Me 100% Or Else!

11-ninja does not allow less than 100 percent

12. This Is A Possibility

12- brian has diabetes

13. Brilliant Counter Argument

13- saturn was not a single lady

14. Well, You Did Ask A Chinese Immigrant

14- you did ask for experience

15. It’s Not Like This Was Completely Wrong

15- take out centi

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