15 Hacks Every iPad & iPhone User Should Know

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The most notable devices for post-PC era are iPhone and iPad. These devices not only serve the purpose of status symbol but also liked due to their high quality features. It is no use to own these smart devices if you don’t know a few tricks to utilize them to their full capability. Today we are going to rattle through 15 hacks that every iPad & iPhone User Should Know.

1. Spell A Contraction Quickly By Typing An Extra Letter 

1-outsmart out correct on iPhone

2. Use A Volume + Button On Your EarbudsTo Take A Selfie

2-take a selfie using a remote on your earbud on ipad iphone

3. Shake Your iPhone To Bring Up The Undo Archive Dialogue For Emails

3-iPhone shake to undo

4. This Is How You Take A Screen Shot On Your iPad

4-take screen shot on iPad5. Swipe Two Fingers Across The Keyboard To Go To Thumb Mode

5-Change iPads key board to thumb mode

6. Put Your iPhone To AirPlane Mode To Charge The Battery Twice As Fast

6-charge iPhone twice as fast

7. Remove An Accidental Extra Zero In Calculator App By Swiping From Left To Right

7-remove extra zero in calculator app ipad iphone

8. Use ANY BlueTooth Keyboard With Your iPhone Or iPad

8-use any bluetooth keyboard with iPhone

9. Invert Your Colors For Better Night Time Browsing 

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Turn on “Invert Colors.”

9-invert your colors for better night time viewing

10. Don’t Want To Be Hassled With Calls Or Want To Recieve Only Few Calls, Turn On ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode

10-iphone do not disturb

11. Swipe Right To Left To Banish A Banner Notification

11-iphone swipe from right to left to banish notifications

12. Tap The Top Bar Of Any App To Scroll Back Up To The Top Of The Page

12-iphone go back to  top of the page tapping the top bar on any app

13. You Can Move Up And Down Your Playlist Using Earbud Remote13-go from one song to another using earbuds on iphone

14. Type ‘Ok Maps’ In Search Bar During Internet Access To Cache Google Maps For Offline Use

14-make use of offline google maps when abroad on ipad iphone

15. Siri Can Do All Sorts Of Tasks For You Like Setting An Alarm Or Reading An Email

15-use siri for setting alarms

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