15 Hacks That Can Make You An Expert On Mac

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Many Windows users feel awkward while using Macbook keyboards for the first time. That’s because Mac not only differs in design but also in functionality. You won’t find any way to double click, scrolling down will look so hectic that you will end in giving up.

But today, we have gathered 15 amazing hacks that if learnt, can make anybody a Macbook expert. Lets start off with number 1.

1. Press “Cmd+Tab” To Jump To Last Used Program

This trick  is useful if you are copy and pasting between programs as pressing Cmd + Tab twice switches you between the same two programs.

Apple Mac Hacks 1

2. Press & Hold Cmd Then Tap Tab To View Program Switcher

If you press and hold cmd, then tap tab, the program switch window will come up. You can, then, press tab to scroll right between your open programs or tap shift + tab to scroll left. To choose a program, highlight the program logo you need, then release the command key.

3. Press “Ctrl +Up Arrow” To View All Current Windows

Apple Mac Hacks 3

4. Press F11 To Show Desktop

You may need to hold the function key on some laptops for this hack to work.

5. Press “Cmd+H” To Hide Window

This does not minimize the window, it just hides it from view. Click the application icon on the dock to bring the window back.
Apple Mac Hacks 5

6. Highlight The File And Press “Cmd+Delete” To Move To Trash

Apple Mac Hacks 6

7. Press “Cmd + Opt + Shift + Delete”  To Empty Trash Without Opening It And Bypassing The Warning Message

Apple Mac Hacks 7

8. Press “Cmd+Z” To Undo Last Action 

Apple Hacks 8

9. Press “Cmd+Shift+3” To Take Screenshot Of Entire Screen

The screen shot will automatically be saved as a photo on the desktop.

Apple Mac Hacks 9

10. Press “Cmd+Shift+4” To Take Screenshot Of  A Selected Area

Use cmd + shift + 4, drag a rectangle with your mouse and release the rectangle to capture the screenshot.
Apple Mac Hacks 10

11. Hold Cmd And Then Click A Link To Open Link In New Tab

Apple Mac Hacks 11

12. Hold Shift To Adjust Volume Without Clicks

Apple Mac Hacks 12

13. Hold On F10 While Mac Powers Up To Avoid Any Noise

Apple Mac Hacks 13

14. Use ” Cmd+Ctlr+Space” To Use Emoji Keyboard

Apple Mac Hacks 14

15. Hold Letter Key To Use Special Characters

Apple Mac Hacks 15
Image Credits: Ravi Shankar Singh

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