15 Hacks You Should Try On Skype Atleast Once

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Skype is the cheapest version of internet based phone calls and video conferencing tool available to all windows and iOS users. According to a recent report of wall street journal, 40 percent of all the international telecommunications traffic makes account from Skype-to-Skype calls.

You might just know that making a Skype call is as easy as double clicking on the name in your contact list, but the messenger itself has much more to offer.

Here are 15 tips about Skype that you must know for a perfect web chat.

1. Change Message In Skype Chat After It Has Been Sent

You can edit the messages in Skype chat after they’ve already been sent, seen and read by the recipient. You need to right click on the message, select Edit Message, and change the text or just delete it.

1-change history in chat

2. Use Auto-Answer With Monitor For Home Security

It’s time to use your second Skype account more efficiently.  If you’ve got an unused laptop with a Webcam around, set it up on the shelf, plug it in, and turn on Skype. Now go into Tools>Options>Calls, and check the box to “Answer incoming calls automatically” plus “Start my video automatically when I am in a call.”
Then, use first Skype account to make a call to the second—the video monitor can spy on the baby sitter, pets, kids, anything you like. For extra security, make sure the account is set only to answer calls from people in the contact list, and that your first account is that only contact listed.

2-auto answer as monitor

3. Send Video Voicemail On Skype

You can leave a video message to another user on Skype rather than a voicemail. When a call isn’t going through on the Skype desktop version, it will give you the option of making a video message. Or you can right click a contact and select “Leave Video Message,” even if that contact isn’t currently online. You can, then, record a 3-minute or less video and send  it explicitly after recording.
For Mobile, go into the chat interface of the other Skype user, click the paper clip icon on the left, and choose to send a photo or a video. In the Android version (4.9), click the Plus button to send a file, photo, or a video message. Remember, you can’t delete video messages after they’re sent.

3-send video voice mail

4. Record Calls to MP3 or Video

If you want to record skype calls to MP3 or MP4, here are few tools advisable. In order to have unlimited audio recording only, use MP3 Skype Recorder, to record video streams (either just one side or both), use Pamela which costs for $21. Mac OS users should use the $29.95 Call Recorder for Skype.

4-record calls to mp3 or video

5.  Use Following Commands To Control Group Chat Via Chat

You can send a chat invite link by typing /set options JOINING_ENABLED, hit return, then /get uri within the chat group. You can password protect the chat from intruder by typing /set password [PasswordText] (take out the brackets and put in your own password) and /clearpassword removes that.

If you do get an intruder, /kickban [SkypeName] will ban them and remove them from the chat. You can leave the chat yourself by typing /leave. Here is the full list of chat commands in Skype help.

5-control group chat via chat

6. Back Up Your Contact List

Under Contacts> Advanced>Backup Contacts to File. Skype lets you save them to a VCF file, which you can later restore to Skype from the same menu.

6-back up your contact list

7. Turn Off Ads On Contact Lists

The Windows version of Skype  has a constant rotating advertisement on the contact list. You can click the X to turn it off but it does not go away permanently.
In order to get rid of these ads; Go to Tools>Options>Notifications, select “Alerts & Messages” and then uncheck the box next to “Promotions.”

7-turn off contact list ads

8. Skype Wi-Fi Hotspot

“Skype WiFi” is a free app available for Windows 8, Android, and iOS. You can download it at home and set it up with your Skype account but make sure you have Skype Credit available.

You can also use it with the desktop versions of Skype for Mac, Windows and Linux; in Windows enable it under Tools>Options>Skype WiFi.Now, try Skype Wi-Fi when you go out to a hotspot that costs money. It might let you log on, using your Skype Credit for payment but the hotspot has to be compatible.

8-skype hotspot

9. Share Your Screen 

Skype offers screen sharing free of cost through a share icon at the bottom of the window.  You can share the whole screen, or just a specific window.

However, share a screen is limited to one user at a time, and works only on the most recent version of Skype. Additionally, you can still video chat, text chat, and send files back and forth while sharing.

9-share your screen

10. Use Unlimited File Transfer Service Of Skype

You may have had problems sending files via email which are limited by their size. On the other hand, Skype file transfers have no limit on size or on the number of files you can send.
Even a lost connection will pick the transfer back up when the Internet connectivity returns. You can send send files with Android, but not by iOS which is a limitation.

10-exploit unlimited file transfers

11. Make Your Own Hot Keys for Skype

Under Tools> Options >Advanced you’ll be able to set up your own the hot keys. Some are hard coded (like answer call, answer with video, hang up, and decline call); the rest you can assign a hot key .

11-set up hot keys for skyping

12. Use Multiple Skype Accounts in Windows

You can access multiple accounts at the same time with Windows. Just run two instances of Skype, with one launched, go to the command line (hit Windows Key + R) and type either
C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe /secondary
C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe /secondary
That second line is for people with 64-bit versions of Windows, only. Now, hit return and the second instance of Skype will launch. If you do this a lot, right click on the desktop, select New>Shortcut and type the appropriate line with quotation marks around the path, but not around the /secondary part. You’ll get an icon on the desktop for quick launch.

12-use multiple skype accounts in windows

13. View All The Logged In Skype Sessions From All Your Devices

During chatting with one person or a whole group, there are commands you can type with a forward slash and get some help.

 For example, /showplaces will show you all the “online endpoints” where you are currently logged into Skype. /remotelogout will sign you out of all the other Skype sessions you have open (but not on the session where you type it in).

13-multi-device skype mastery via chat

14. Switch from Chat to SMS

If you send or receive a message from another Skype user in the USA, you will get a bill of 11.2 cents per message. This rate is displayed at the bottom of the chat window and it increases for international messages.

However, you can save money on the receive message by checking off “My Skype Name” from  Tools>Options>IMs&SMS, select “SMS Settings. When your name is not displayed, the recipient won’t be able to reply and cost you another 11.2 cents.

14-switch from chat to sms for a price

15. Skype On Xbox One Via Smart Glass

If you cannot use Skype on Xbox One’s chat function with a keyboard, there is another option available.
You can download the Xbox One SmartGlass app for your tablet or smartphone (iOS, Android, and Windows 8), sign-in with your Xbox account and use it as a new remote control for the console and on-screen keyboard for chats via Skype.

15-chat via smartglass with xbox one

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