15 Laziest People On The Planet Earth

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“I can.. but i won’t ” is exactly the kind of attitude a lazy person will give you. There are people who become lazy due to lack of motivation, fuzzy goals or fear of failure but others have genetic issues. This means you will be the sole reason for a generation of couch potatoes. This is true as quite recently, scientists have discovered a gene mutation responsible for laziness in a person. The interesting fact remains that you cannot expect them to be disciplined or constructive but they do invent funny and sometimes genius ways to get rid of the task at hand. We have gathered 15 of such laziest people that still exists on the planet earth, today.

1. Car Inside a (Subway) Car

1-lazy people car inside the subway train

2. The Security Guard Of OZ

2-lazy people security prop

3. No Way, I Am Holding A Glass. Let’s Make A Super Straw!

3-lazy people super straw

4. I Will Not Budge. I Have A Self-moving Lawn Mower.

4-lazy people self moving lawn mower

5. Sorry, Too Busy To Buy Stamps!

5-Lazy People difficult to get to post office

6. Happy Birthday! You Can Bake Yourself A Cake.

6-lazy people do it yourself birthday cake

7. The Clock Is Damn Too High!

7-lazy people daylight saving

8. Who Needs A Bulb When You Can Use Jumbled Lights?

8-lazy people jumbled lights

9. The Car Window Is Nearer To The Pump.

9-lazy people pump

10. Quick Bulb Change Technique

10-lazy people quick light

11. Boxed Chair Is More Comfy!

11-lazy people boxed chair

12. Best Brown Things You Could Find On The Bathroom Floor

12-lazy people best brown things you can find at the bathroom floor

13. Please Take My Trash Out!

13- laziest people take this trash our

14. Automatic Door 

14-lazy people automatic door

 15. Remote Controlled Tissue Box

15-lazy people remote controlled tissue box

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