15 Times Google Images Went Wrong

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Google Earth changed the way how earth was explored forever. Today, we use it for navigation, on trips and view the satellite imagery of places around the world.  However, technology cannot be trusted every time especially if it warps landscapes in most bizarre and impossible way. This glitch exists in Google Earth which happens because of how it capture the images. The process is called texture mapping that overlays a flat satellite image with a 3D terrain map.

Google’s Algorithm works most of the time but occasionally it messes up trying to stretch a 2D image over a 3D landscape which leads to a crazy distortion of the landscape. Brooklyn artist Clement Valla spends his time searching Google for these kind of screw-ups and documents them on his website. Check out a few of them below:

1. Most Dangerous Non-Realistic Road Bridge

1-Google Images Went Wrong - Most Dangerous Bridge

2. Extreme Steep And Scariest Drop

2-Google Images Went Wrong - Steep Drop

3. Where Did The Road Go? 

3-Google Images Went Wrong - Where did the road go

4. This Is One Hell Of A Distorted Bridge!

4-Google Images Went Wrong - Distorted Bridge

5. Wavy Highway Crashing Over Another Highway! 

5-Google Images Went Wrong - Wavy Highway

6. Looks Like Golden Gate Bridge Is Collapsing! 

6-Google Images Went Wrong - Collapsing Golden Gate Bridge

7. Low Hanging Roads Dangling In Mid-Air Like A Bridge! 

7-Google Images Went Wrong - Low Hanging Bridges

8. This One Is Even Lower Than The Previous One And Probably The Scariest Bridge Of All

8-Google Images Went Wrong - Really Messed Up Trip

9. This Highway Is Dangerously supported By A Levitaton Spell

9-Google Images Went Wrong - Dangerous Highway

10. These Highways Do A Good Job At Confusing People

10-Google Images Went Wrong - Road Bridges

11. This Can Make An Amazing Abstract Artwork! 

11-Google Images Went Wrong - Amazing Abstract Art

12. Another Bunch Of Confusing Highways! 

12-Google Images Went Wrong - Flat Highway

13. These Over Layed Highways Must Be Flattening Vehicles Pretty Bad! 

13-Google Images Went Wrong - Over Layed Roads

14. Even The Water Is Distorted! 

14-Google Images Went Wrong - Even The Water Seems Distorted

15. A Different Kind Of Bridge Yet To Be Built! 

15-Google Images Went Wrong - A different kind of bridge yet to be built

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