15 Unbelievable Uses Of Banana Peels

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You will be surprised to know that banana peels, which we throw off in garbage have some stunning uses.  Next time collect the banana peels and try out these 15 unbelievable hacks with them.

1. Shoe Polish 

Just rub the banana peel on your shoes and then clean the shoes with a white cloth. Your shoes will look shiny and polished.

1-Banana Peel Uses - Shoe Polish

2. Silverware Polish

Blend banana peel with water and polish your silverware.

2-Banana Peel Uses - Silverware Polish

3. Attract Butterflies To Your Garden

Place banana peels along with small pieces of banana to attract butterflies to your garden.

3-Banana Peel Uses - Attract Butterflies To Your Garden

4. Skin Cure

If you have dry skin or wrinkles, try rubbing the inside of banana peel on your skin twice a day and you will see a significant change.

4-Banana Peel Uses - Dry Skin Cure

5. Plant Fertilizer

Add banana peels to compost material to make an effective fertilizer. Also when you plant a tomato, wrap it around with banana peel and attach small pieces of banana peel to rose plant.

5- Banana Peel Uses - Plant Fertilizer

6. Make Vinegar From Banana Peel

Here is step by step guide for making vinegar from banana peel.

6-Banana Peel Uses - Make Vineger

7. Use Banana Peels As Meat Tenderizer

The next time you make roast, add a ripe banana peel to roasting pan. This will keep the roast moist and it will not dry.

7-Banana Peel Uses - Meet Tenderizer

8. Teeth Whitener 

Rub the inside of the banana peel to make your teeth whiten.

8-Banana Peel Uses - Teeth Whitener

9. Itching Soother 

Banana peels can soothe itching from bug bites and poison ivy.

9-Banana Peel Uses - Itch Soother

10. Splinter Removal 

Tape the banana peel over the splinter. The enzymes will shift the splinter making it easy to remove it.

10-Banana Peel Uses - Splinter Removal

11. Engrave A Special Message For Your Children on Banana Peel

Write a message with a tooth pick on the banana peel and pack it in your child’s lunch. By the lunch time, a dark brown message will appear.

11-Banana Peel Uses - Engrave a message

12. Polish House Plant Leaves

12-Banana Peel Uses - Polish House Plant Leaves

13. Anti-Depressant

Boiled banana peel water can ease depression.

13-Banana Peel Uses - Anti-depressant

14. Catch Moths 

Place banana peel pieces to attract moths to the trap.

14-Banana Peel Uses - Catch Moths

15. Use Banana Peel As Acne Cure

Rub inside of banana peel to acne and leave it off.

15-Banana Peel Uses - Acne Cure


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