15 Uses Of Newspaper After Reading The News

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You must have stacks of newspapers stuffed away in a closet or kept in your house attic. These old newspapers take a lot of space along with giving a pungent musty odor of printing ink. One way to get rid of old newspapers is to either re-sell them on eBay or donate to a recycling company. However, these newspapers can also be used in variety of ways from simple household tasks to arts & crafts.

According to Chris Morrissey, VP of World’s largest printing-ink manufacturer, “Newspaper, by design, is a very absorbent product, because it has to absorb ink. But that also means it is equipped to absorb all sorts of moisture, including moisture and the resulting odors found in shoes and vegetable drawers.”

Today, we have collected 15 ways you can utilize newspapers after you have read them.

1. Newspapers Can Be Folded Into Plant Pots For Seedlings

Newspaper plant pots can be buried directly in the soil. Here is the video tutorial for complete instructions.

1-Uses Of Newspaper - Plant Pots For Seedlings

2. You Can Use Newspaper To Cover Your Notebooks

2-Uses Of Newspaper - Book Covers

3. Crumpled NewsPapers Can Dry Your Shoes Overnight

3-Uses Of Newspaper - Dry Shoes

4. Newspapers Can Deodorize Food Containers

You can place newspaper in lunch box or thermos, seal it and let it sit overnight.

4-Uses Of Newspaper - Deodorize Food Containers

5. Use Newspaper With Cleaning Product To Clean Tough Streaks On Mirror And Windows

5-Uses Of Newspaper - Cleaning Windows With Newspaper

6. Stuff Your Shoes And Bag With Newspaper To Maintain Their Shape

6-Uses Of Newspaper - Keep Shapes Of Shoes And Bags

7. Newspapers Can Be Used As Disposable Table Cloth 

7-Uses Of Newspaper - Disposable Table Cloth

8. Use Newspaper To Stop Soil From Leaking Out Of A Plant Pot 

8-Uses Of Newspaper - Stop Soil From Leaking Out Of The Pot

9. Wrap Fruits In Newspaper To Ripe

9-Uses Of Newspaper - To Ripen Fruits

10. Use Newspaper As Gift Wrap

10-Uses Of Newspaper - Gift Wraps

11. Make A Picture Frame With Newspaper

Here are full instructions for newspaper picture frame.

11-Uses Of Newspaper - Picture Frames

12. Prepare Garden Bed With Newspapers

During fall season, mow an area of lawn for dedicated bed, cover it with four layers of newspaper, then with 4-inch layer of shredded leaves and hose it down. Now, in Spring, the dedicated area will have grass roots that can be primed for planting.

12-Uses Of Newspaper - Prepare the Garden

13. Newspapers Can Be Used As Package For Delicate Items

13-Uses Of Newspaper - Pack Delicate Items

14. Keep Snowboots On Newspaper At Home Entry To Avoid Water Puddle

14-Uses Of Newspaper - Keep Snow Boots On The Newspaper

15. Line The Refrigerator Vegetable Drawer With Newspaper To Keep It Dry And Free Of Smells

15-Uses Of Newspaper - Keep the vegetable drawer dry and free of smell

Source: RealSimple, WiseBread

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