16 Clever Inventions You Will Never Find In Books

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Every great invention finds its way to a book, to be read and learned by generations to come. These inventions have helped humanity in every possible way. However, the real wonder exists in the ideas which do not make headlines or referred by authors, yet they turn out to be extremely useful in their own unique way. Here are 16 clever, well-thought and useful inventions that you will never find in any book or manual. If you find any of these innovations useful or you wish to buy it, don’t forget to comment below.

1. The Right Way To Place A Plant Pot On Terrace Walls/Railings

1-Clever Inventions - The Right Way To Place A Plant Pot On Railings

2. Make Use Of Stairs With Built-In Drawers

2-Clever Inventions - Drawer in Stairs

3. Alarm Clock That Displays Your Day’s Schedule

3-Clever Inventions - Alarm Clock That Displays Your Day Schedule

4. Make Any Water Bottle A Plant Watering Can

4-Clever Inventions - Make Your Water Bottle A Watering Can

5. Tea Pot With Legs- Reduce Breakage Chances

5-Clever Inventions - Tea Pot With Legs

6. Waist Measuring Belt – Daily Reminder Of How Much Less You Need To Eat

6-Clever Inventions - Measuring Belt - Check Your Smartness Everyday

7. A Chair Every Reader Needs – Place Anywhere And Equip With All Reading Supplies

7-Clever Inventions - Chair For Readers- Take It Anywhere With Every Reader Supplies Available

8. Mopping Slippers – Clean Floor While Walking

8-Clever Inventions - Clean Floor As You Walk

9. Charge Your Phone While Burning Wood9-Clever Inventions - Charge Your Phone While Burning Wood

10. New Books Held Comfortably While Reading 

10-Clever Inventions - Every Reader Need This

11. Kitchen Counter Scrap Tray

11-Clever Inventions - Kitchen Counter Scrap Trap

12. Chain Of USBs – Increase Storage Memory With A Single USB Port

12-Clever Inventions - Chain Of USBs

13. Salt And Pepper Battery Jars

13-Clever Inventions - Salt & Pepper Battery

14. Now We Know The True Feelings Of Bulb When Powered On

14-Clever Inventions - Someone Tried To Portray The Feelings Of Poor Bulb

15. No Need To Explain What Happened – Just Point To The Image On Your Arm Support

15-Clever Inventions - Tell People How You Broke Your Arm

16. Bed Side Table At Night and Breakfast Table In Morning

16-Clever Inventions - Side Table Plus A Morning Breakfast Bed Table

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