16 DIY Ways You Can Adopt To Make Life Easier

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You cannot spare more time on petty tasks which you must be searching for an easier way out of the situation. Here are 16 DIY tricks that will help you make your life easier and fast paced.

1. Use Magnet Rack For Bathroom Metal Supplies 

Bathroom Magnet Rack

2. Make A Cell Phone Charging Station

Get the instructions at this link.

Cell Phone Charging Station

3. Cool Boiled Eggs And Then Roll Them To Crack The Shell 

Crack and Roll Eggs

4. Use A Dust Pan To Fill A Bucket With Water 

DustPan To Fill A Bucket With Water

5.  Filter Emails By “Unsubscribe” To Get Rid Of Marketing Emails 

Filter Emails By Unsuscribe

6. Use Shower Hooks To Hang Your Jeans 

Hang Your Jeans On Shower Hooks

7. This Is How To Untie A Stubborn Knot 

How To Untie A Knot

8. Use Marshmallow To Soften Brown Sugar 

Marshmallow For Soft Brown Sugar

9. Use An Office Clip To Keep The Charger In Place

Office Clip and Charger

10. Pop The Can And Use The Tab For Hanging Art

Pop Tab For Hang Art

11. Use A Rubber Band To Keep Apples From Getting Brown 

Prevent Oxidization of Apples

12. Apply Acrylic-Latex Caulk Every 6 Inches Or So To Keep Rugs From Slipping

Slip Proofing Carpet

13. Great Tips For Re-Growing Onions

Follow this link to find some great tips on re-growing onions.

Tips For Re-Growing Onions

14. Use Dental Floss To Cut Food 

Use Dental Floss To Cut Food

15. Vertically Stack Your Clothes In Drawers To Save Space 

Vertically Stack Your Clothing In Drawer

16. Scrap Frost Off The Windows With Spraying A 3:1 Vinegar To Water Solution 

Vinegar For Ice Proof Windows

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