16 Mind Blowing Facts About Apple

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Apple is among one of the world’s most valuable brands and the largest publicly traded company in the US by the value of its shares. The Apple’s shares are worth $626 billion making it the most successful consumer electronics companies. Everyone knows about the famous Apple and its products but we bet you did not know about these mind blowing facts we are about to share below:

1. Apple’s Original Logo Had Issace Newton In It 

1-apple's original logo

2.  One Of China’s Fake Apple Store Looked So Real That Even Its Employees Were Convinced That They Were Working For Real Apple Company 

2-china's fake apple store is so realistic

3. Apple’s Co-Founder Sold All His Shares For $800. Today, The Shares Would Have Been Worth US $35 Billion

The contract that founded Apple for auction, New York, America - 28 Nov 2011

4. The Original Apple 1 Computer Sold For $666.66. Steve Wozniak Chose This Number Because It Was Easier To Type.

4-original apple 1 computer

5. Smoking Near Apple Computer Voids The Warranty

5-smoking voids apple warranty

6. Apple Earns US $300,000 Per Minute

6-apple earnings per minute

7. Apple’s iPad Retina Display Is Manufactured By Samsung

7-apple iPad retina display

8. Apple’s Watch Revenue Will Be Large Enough To Buy Roman Abramovich’s “Eclipse” Yacht 433 Times

8-apple watch revenue

9. Apple’s iPhone Sales Alone Is Higher Than Everything Microsoft Has To Offer

9-apple iPhone sales vs microsoft

10. Apple Has More Operating Cash Than U.S. Treasury

10-apple more operating cash than US treasury

11. Disney Character Scrooge McDuck Was The First Image Shown On Macintosh

11-first image shown on Macintosh

12. The iPod Creator First Offered The Idea To Philips And Real Networks, But They Failed To See Its Potential

12-iPod idea was rejected by other companies

13. Everything Said To Siri Is Sent To Apple For Analysis And Storage

13-apple analyzes and stores your siri conversations

14. Apple’s Net Income Was $39.5 Billion In Fiscal Year 2014, Enough To Buy Snapchat More Than 3 Times

14-apples net income can buy snapchat three times

15. Apple Would Have been The World’s 27th Largest National Economy Between Belgium And Venezuela

15-apple as a national economy

16. Apple Sold 12.9 Million iPads Last Quarter Or 258 For Every Employee

16-iPad sales last quarter

Source: BusinessInsider, Buzzfeed, Factslides

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