16 Stunning Uses Of Egg Shells You Didn’t Know

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Did you know that egg shells can make sidewalk chalks? We didn’t. This is not the only surprise, you should go through the list to be even more stunned with the benefits of egg shells. Before you try any of these, make sure you clean and free the egg shells from bacteria.

1. Use Egg Shells As Bandage

The thin membrane inside egg shells can be used as a bandage. Just strip off the white membrane, apply it on your bruise and let it get hard.

1-Egg Shell Uses - Use As Bandage

2. Remove Coffee And Tea Stains From Mugs

Grind egg shells, put them in the stained mug and pour warm water on it. Leave overnight and the egg shells will absorb the stains.

2-Egg Shell Uses - Remove Coffee And Tea Stains From Mugs

3. Treat Skin Irritation

Drop an eggshell in apple cider vinegar and leave it for a couple of days. Apply the mixture whenever your skin is itchy or has a minor irritation.

3-Egg Shell Uses - Skin Irritation

4. Make Sideway Chalk

Grind egg shells and take out any big pieces left. Mix flour and water, add one tablespoon egg shells and food coloring. Put the mixture in some kind of chalk mould and let it to dry for three days.

4-Egg Shell Uses - Sideway Chalk

5. Make Coffee Less Bitter

Add crushed egg shells to your coffee before brewing. This will make your coffee taste less bitter.

5-Egg Shell Uses - Better Tasting Coffee

6. Use Egg Shells To Unclog Kitchen Drain

Keep a few ground egg shells in your kitchen sink strainer. The egg shells trap additional solids as they break down and the kitchen drain remains unclogged.

6-Egg Shell Uses - Unclog Drain

7. Use Egg Shells For Seedlings And Garden Fertilizer

Place seed in egg shell and as the plant grows a little, transfer it with the egg shells to the soil. This acts as fertilizer for the plant. You can also spread egg shells on the soil around the plant stem to make the perfect decompost.

7-Egg Shell Uses - Garden Fertilizer 2

7-Egg Shell Uses - Garden Fertilizer

8. Effective Cat Deterrent

If cats are bothering you by destroying your garden, place egg shells at their frequently visit places and you will never see a cat in your garden again.

8-Egg Shell Uses - Cat Deterrent

9. Powdered Calcium Supplement

Make a natural calcium supplement by heating egg shells at 350 degrees for 8 minutes, cooling and then grinding them.

9-Egg Shell Uses - Powdered Calcium Supplement

10. Laundry Whitener 

Remove the gray tint to your clothes by adding a mesh bag of egg shells in the laundry.

10-Egg Shell Uses - Laundry Whitener

11. Use Egg Shells For Pest Control

Spread crushed egg shells around the plant and it will repel any slugs, snails and cut worms.

11-Egg Shell Uses - Pest Control

12. Egg Shells Can Be Powerful Cleaners

Mix ground egg shells with little soppy water which will act as an abrasive for tough-to-clean pots.

12-Egg Shell Uses - Powerful Cleaner

13. Make Creative Egg Shell Mosaic

Use colored crushed pieces of egg to make a great egg shell artwork.

13-Egg Shell Uses - Make A Mosiac

14. Make Egg Shell Candles

Fill egg shells with bee-wax and place a wick inside it. Let it set for some time and use as a candle.

14-Egg Shell Uses - Egg Shell Candles

15. Egg Shells Can Be Used As A Nourishing Face Mask

Mix crushed egg shells with egg white for making a nourishing face mask.

15-Egg Shell Uses - Nourishing Face Mask

16. Use Egg Shells As Gelatin Mould 

You can create egg shaped treats from these egg shells mould.

16-Egg Shell Uses - Gelatin Mould

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