17 Best Ideas For Recycling Bottle Caps

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Bottle caps are one type of object available in every home, but they are usually thrown away in the garbage. After the bottle caps have served their purpose, they can be recycled into decorative pieces for your home. Check out these 17 different ideas to make creative use of bottle caps.

1. Bottle Cap Letters 

bottle cap big letters

2. Bottle Cap Birdhouse 

bottle cap bird house

3. Bottle Cap Candles 

bottle cap candles

4. Canvas Checkerboard 

bottle cap chess

5. Bottle Cap Clock 

bottle cap clock

6. Bottle Cap Coasters 

bottle cap coasters

7. Bottle Cap Garland 

Bottle Cap Garland

8. Bottle Cap Magnets 

bottle cap magnets

9. Bottle Cap Necklace

bottle cap necklace

10. Bottle Cap Photo Frame 

bottle cap photo frame

11. Bottle Cap Photo Magnets 

bottle cap photo magnets

12. Bottle Cap State Art 

bottle cap state art

13. Bottle Cap Table Top 

Bottle Cap Table Top

14. Bottle Cap Tray 

Bottle Cap Tray

15. Bottle Cap Tree

Bottle Cap Tree Wall Art

16. Felt Ornaments Wall Art 

bottle cap wall ornaments

17. Bottle Cap Wind Chime 

bottle cap wind chime

Source: craftionary.net

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