17 Crazy Architecture Marvels From Around The World

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Extra-ordinary architectural designs are not just a building made of concrete and cement rather they portray magnificence, and historical importance which is relatable to every person regardless of their cultural background. Check out these 17 crazy architecture marvels and tell us if you plan to visit or have already visited any of these places. 

1.  House Attack – Vienna, Austria1-Architecture Marvel - House Attack Vienna Austria

2. Ripley’s Believe-it-or-not Museum – Ontario, Canada2-Architecture Marvel - Ripleys Believe it or not Museum Ontario Canada

3. Solar Furnace – Odeillo, France 

3-Architecture Marvel - Solar Furnace Odeillo France

4. Dancing House – Prague, Czech Republic

4-Architecture Marvel - Dancing House Prague Czech Republic

5. Atomium – Brussels, Belgium

5-Architecture Marvel - Atomium Brussels Belgium

6. Twisted House – Indianapolis, Indiana

6-Architecture Marvel - Twisted House Indianapolis Indiana

7. Bubble Houses – Cannes, France

7-Architecture Marvel - Bubble Houses Cannes France

8. Kansas City Public Library Garage – Kansas City, U.S.A

8-Architecture Marvel - Kansas City Public Library Garage Kansas City U.S

9. Upside Down House – Trassenheide, Germany

9-Architecture Marvel - Upside Down House Trassenheide Germany

10. Longaberger Basket Building – Newark, U.S.A

10-Architecture Marvel - Longaberger Basket Building Newark

11. The Neverwas Haul – California, U.S.A

11-Architecture Marvel - The Neverwas Haul California

12. Dalats Crazy House – Vietnam

12-Architecture Marvel - Dalats Crazy House Vietnam

13.  Donut Hotel – Guangzhou, China

13-Architecture Marvel - Donut Hotel Guangzhou China

14. Motisons Tower – Jaipur, India

14-Architecture Marvel - Motisons Tower Jaipur India

15. Dutch Cube Houses – Rotterdam, Netherlands

15-Architecture Marvel - Dutch Cube Houses Rotterdam Netherlands

16. Lotus Temple – New Delhi, India

16-Architecture Marvel - Lotus Temple New Delhi India

17. Stone House – Guimaraes, Portugal

17-Architecture Marvel - Stone House Guimaraes Portugal

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