17 DIY Hacks You Should Try At Home

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Stop complaining about little things at home; put your creativity to use and solve your problem instead of waiting around for someone to invent a solution for you. If this motivated you enough to plan your DIY project this weekend, then we have collected 17 DIY inventions that may help you with one of your problems.

1. Rotating 360 Degree Lego Sockets – Insert Any Type Of Plug Easily

1-DIY inventions - Rotating 360 degree socket

1-DIY inventions - Rotating 360 degree socket 2

2. Reusable Candle Holder

2-DIY inventions - Reusable Candle

3. Rolling Bench That Can Be Used After Rain

3-DIY inventions - Rolling Bench

4. Dresser That Keeps Your Clothes In Place

4-DIY inventions - Dresser That Keeps your clothes in place

5. Universal Gift Wrapper

5-DIY inventions - Universal wrapping Paper

6. Onion Holder

6-DIY inventions - Onion Holder

7. Egg Yolk Separator

7-DIY inventions - egg yolk separator

8. Keep Valuables In Secret Compartment Behind Switch Board

8-DIY inventions - Secret Compartment behind switch board

9. Couch Armrest Table

9-DIY inventions - Couch Armrest Table

10. Two In One – Use Ironing Board As Mirror

10-DIY inventions - Ironing Board Mirror

11. Use Mason Jar As A Blender Jar

11-DIY inventions - Mason Jar As Blender

12. Use Cake Stand For Kitchen Supplies

12-DIY inventions - Cake stand for kitchen supplies

13. Old Ladder For Hanging And Drying Laundry

13-DIY inventions - Old Ladder for hanging and drying Laundry

14. Mirror With Drawers

14-DIY inventions - Mirror with drawers

15. Mirror Wiper15-DIY inventions - Mirror Viper

16. Keep Your Drink Save From Food Theives With This Lock Mug

16-DIY inventions - Lock Mug

17. Easy Citrus Sprinkler For Salad

17-DIY inventions - Citrus Sprinkler

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