17 Facts About Human Brain That You Should Know

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Your brain can’t feel pain which is why brain surgery can be performed on conscious patient. Amazing! See more of the Human brain’s impressive facts below.

1. When Awake, Human Brain Produces Enough Electricity To Power A Small Light Bulb

1-Human Brain Can Power A Small Light Bulb

Source: kids.nationalgeographic.com

2. New Brain Connections Are Created Everytime You Form A New Memory

2-New Memories Form New Brain Connections

Source: psychology.about.com

3. Left/Right Brain Is Just A Myth. They Work Together. 

3-No Left Right BrainSource: ideas.time.com

4. Your Brain Recognizes Your Touch So You Can’t Tickle Yourself

4-Brain Recognizes Your Touch

Source: visual.ly

5. You Have An Average Of 70,000 Thoughts Per Day

5-Average 70,000 thoughs per day

Source: visual.ly

6. You Use Your Entire Brain, Not Just Rumoured 10%

6-Hundred Percent Brain Use

Source: visual.ly

7. When You Black Out Getting Drunk, Brain Temporarily Loses The Ability To Create Memories

7-Alcohol Effects Brain Badly

Source: gizmodo.com

8. The Brain Deals Rejection Like Physical Pain

8-Brain Treats Rejection As Physical Pain

Source: Independent.co.uk

9. Dreaming Requires More Brain Activity Than Any Waking Function

9-Dreams Require More Brain Activity

Source: visual.ly

10. Voilent Homes Have Same Effect On Children’s Brain As Combat On Soldiers 

It is also scientifically proven that a small use of power changes how a person’s brain works and diminishes empathy.

10-Voilent homes can effect children brain badly

Source: dailymail.co.uk

11. Sleep Deprivation Affects Brain Which Can Impair Judgement And Slow Reaction

11-Sleep Deprivation Impairs Judgement And Reaction

Source: news.discovery.com

12. Forgetting Is Good For Brain: Deleting Unnecessary Information Helps The Nervous System Retain Its Plasticity

12-Forgetting Is Good For Brain

Source: alphagalileo.org

13. Lack Of Oxygen In The Brain For 5-10 Minutes Results In Permanent Brain Damage

13-Lack Of Oxygen Can Damage Brain

Source: nlm.nih.gov 

14. Long Term Mobile Phone Usage Can Increase Your Risk Of Brain Tumour

14-Long Term Mobile Users Are At Risk Of Brain Tumour

Source: dailymail.co.uk

15. Your Brain Can’t Feel Pain Which Is Why Brain Surgery Can Be Performed On Conscious Patient. Headache Involves Nerves And Muscles In Brain

15-Brain Cant Feel Pain

Source: visual.ly

16. Dieting Can Lead To A Lack OF Nutrition Which Forces Brain Cells To Eat Themselves 

Dieting concept. Young Woman choosing between Fruits and Sweets

Source: telegraph.co.uk 

17. Neurocomic Is The First Ever Graphic Novel Which Shows The Working Of  Human Brain In A Fun Way

17-Neurocomic First Ever Graphic Novel 1 17-Neurocomic First Ever Graphic Novel 2Source. neurocomic.org

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