17 Google Search Suggestions That Will Make Your Day

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Google’s auto-complete function is useful as it saves time typing the whole query but sometimes it offers hilarious search suggestions which make no sense at all. It is not entirely Google’s fault. When people search a certain query a lot of time, Google ranks it in its top searches and displays it when same query is made again. It seems people can come up with awkward but funny search queries. However, if Google can make an auto-complete algorithm, perhaps they should also consider making an algorithm that differentiates between legitimate and bizarre queries.

Today, we have collected 17 Google search suggestions that will make your day.

1. Google Gave A Rather Controversial Choice

Am I A Muppet Or A Map

2.  Google Has Figured Out The Safe House Of Zombies

Chinese People Eating Babies 3. Google Just Leaked The Top Secret InformationDinosaurs were made up by

4. Google Has Troublesome DIY Projects For The Weekend

Do It Yourself Divorce

5. Google Just Declared 500 Million Facebook Users Losers

Facebook Is For Losers

6. Google Rules Everywhere 

Google Is Better Than Bing

7. Bulbul Is A Persian Word Meaning Nightingale. Google Loves Itself. 

Google Is My Bulbul

8. Google Suggests Accidental Innovation 

Help I Accidently Build A Shelf

9. Maybe Google Experimented With This One 

How To Raise IQ 10. Yeah, Humans Are Aliens For Outer World Species

Humans Are Aliens

11. Google Has Hilarious “I Hate” Suggestions 

I Hate It When

12. Google Suggests Interesting Research Statement

If I Ate Myself

13. Google Has Encountered Scary Cats 

My Cat Looks Like

14. Google Knows How To Sympathize With Children 

Whenever I Am Studying

15. Google Can Give Rude Suggestions

Why Are French People Called Frog 16. Google Has Spoken The Thoughts Of Many Students Why Are There Schools

17. Google Needs To Understand The Difference Between Copied And Cover SongsWhy do all these old bands

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