17 Innovations That Can Change The Face Of Earth Forever

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Every day we are challenged by small things in our life which leave us wishing if only we could make things better such as getting frustrated with your toothpaste or trying to clean your hair brush. Today, we have gathered 17 inventions which solves small problems in our daily life. Trust us, these innovations are definitely needed in your life.

1. Solar Powered Smart Phone Charging

1-Inventions we need - solar powered smartphone charging

2. Use Shoe Torch And Prevent Yourself Breaking Your Toes In The Middle Of Night

2-Inventions we need - torch shoes

3. Most Wanted Invention We Need Every Morning

3-Inventions we need - two mouth tooth paste

4. Peaceful Sleep With This Pillow That Blocks Light And Sound

4-Inventions we need - pillow which blocks out all light and sound

5. Instant Clean Up With This Vacuum Dustpan

5-Inventions we need - vaccum dustpan

6. Multi-Switch Port That Can Be Pushed Into Wall When Not Needed

6-Inventions we need - multi switch port can be pushed into wall

7. Creates A Bird Feeder Out Of Your Bread Crumbs

7-Inventions we need - creates a bird feeder out of bread crumbs

8.Pizza Scissors

8-Inventions we all need - pizza scissors

9. Handy On Those Partly Cloudy Days

9-Inventions we need - handy on cloudy days

10. Get Rid Of Extension Cords

10-Inventions we need - goodbye extension cords

11. Rechargeable Batteries

11-Inventions we need - rechargeable batteries

12. Easily Remove Broken Hair Strands From Your Hair Brush

12-Inventions we need - hair brush cleaning becomes more easier

13. Keep Glass Stains Off The Carpet 

13-Inventions we need - keep stains off the carpet

14. Answer Your Smart Phone Without Taking It Out Of Your Pocket

14-Inventions we need - answer your phone without taking out of pocket

15. The Easiest Way To Grill

15-Inventions we need - the easiest way to grill

16. Use Alien Head Umbrella When It Rains

16-Inventions we need - head umbrella

17. Never Loose Your Child In The Crowd Again

17-Inventions we need - hold on tight

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