17 Most Meaningful Images You Will See Today

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Artists are the most sensitive human beings on Planet Earth. They can paint situations in a way that can leave long lasting effects; saying a lot with just a few strokes of paint brush. It will not be wrong if we claim that an artist’s mind must be a terrible place to visit.  Today we have collected 17 powerful images which will leave you in awe and compel you to see the small things in life with a whole new perspective.

1. Each Clock Tick Brings You One Step Closer To Death

1-Powerful Images - As time passes we are one step closer to death

2. Social Media Is The New Battle Field

2-Powerful Images - Media War

3. Our World In Near Future

3-Powerful Images - Effects of Pollution

4. A Speech Of Empty Words

4-Powerful Images - Empty Words

5. One Dictator Goes, Another Follows

5-Powerful Images - As you get one dictator down other soon follows

6. Looking The World Through Facebook Periscope

6-Powerful Images - Looking at the world through facebook

7. Education Seems Important Only After Physiological Satisfaction

7-Powerful Images - physical satisfaction leads fulfilling physcological needs

8. Education Systems Shape Similar Thinking Than Cultivating Diversity

8-Powerful Images - school slave system

9.  ‘World Peace’

9-Powerful Images - Peace

10. A Quill Has The Power To Get Freedom From Slavery

10-Powerful Images - Education can help get rid of slavery

11. Things Are Not Always What They Seem To Be

11-Powerful Images - Trapped - Things which seem good are not necessary good

12. Insensitivity And Selfishness At Its Peak

12-Powerful Images - People dont care nowadays

13. Digital Addiction Will Soon Lead To Robotic Life

13-Powerful Images - Robotic Life - digital addiction

14. Evolution

14-Powerful Images - Evolution from animal to human

15. Living On The Edge – Protecting Assets Every Moment Of Your Life

15-Powerful Images - Living on the edge

16. History Buried Deep In Museums To Be Never Looked At Again 

16-Powerful Images - Historical artifacts buried in museums

17. Tourists – Don’t Just Capture, Explore The Beauty

17-Powerful Images - Capturing Reality without even experiencing it

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