17 Practical Uses Of Coffee Filter Every Coffee Lover Should Know

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Coffee filters are not only better than paper towel but also a lot less expensive. Here are 17 practical uses of coffee filters that every coffee lover should know.

1. Use Coffee Filters As Snack Bowl For Popcorn, Chips etc

1-Uses Of Coffee Filters - A Disposable Snack Bowl

2. Soften The Brightness Of The Camera Flash

2-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Camera Flash Diffuser

3. Put A Piece Of Coffee Filter Inside Your Clothing To Prevent Holes While Wearing Safety Pins

3-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Prevent Safety Pin Marks On The Clothes

4. Place Coffee Filter At Bottom Of Just Washed Cast-Iron Cookware To Absorb Moisture And Prevent Rust

4-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Place It In Cookware After Washing To Absorb The Moisture

5. Use As A Sandwich Wrap To Prevent Sogginess

5-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Use As A Sandwich Wrap

6. Place Coffee Filters In Between China To Prevent Scratches

6-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Shield China From Scratches

7. Make A DIY Scent By Tying Fragrant Flowers Inside Of Coffee Filter

7-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Make A DIY Scent

8. Keep The Soil From Leaving The Plant Pot When You Water It

8-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Prevent Soil From Coming Out Of Pot

9. Use Coffee Filter As A Strainer For Taking Out Lime Juice Without Seeds

9-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Can Be Used As A Strainer Or Filter

10. Fresh Greek Yogurt – Pour Regular Yogurt In A Strainer With Coffee Filter And Let It Sit Overnight

10-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Make Fresh Greek Yogurt For Breakfast

11. Clean Glass Objects Without Leaving any Marks

11-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Clean Windows And Glass To Prevent Water Mark

12. Make Your Own Tea Bags

12-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Make A Tea Bag

13. Remove Carpet Stains By Immediately Placing The Coffee Filter On The Stained Area

13-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Remove Carpet Stains

14. Put Pressure On A Cut With Coffee Filter To Stop Bleeding

14-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Stop Bleeding From The Cut

15. Make A DIY Lamp With Coffee Filter

15-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Use Coffee Filters To Make A Lamp

16. Remove Nail Polish

16-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Use As Nail Polish Remover

17. Put Baking Soda In Coffee Filter To Deodorize A Smelly Shoe

17-Uses Of Coffee Filters - Use Baking Soda In Coffee Filter To Deodarize A Smelly Shoe

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