17 Things They Never Teach You In School

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School has taught us a lot of things except all of them were never used in real life such as a quadratic equation. What, you never heard of it! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly my point. They should have instead taught things which make us wonder on daily basis. Such as how can Michael Jackson dance moves defy gravity or how is an action sequence filmed? Unfortunately we cannot go back in time to change the curriculum, but we can teach you some things right now which your teachers thought to be too simple.

1. How Michael Jackson Defied Gravity

1-Why Michael Jackson Was Able To Defy Gravity

2. How Camouflage Gets On A Soldier’s Helmet

2-How Camouflage Gets On A Helmet

3. The Secret Behind Sesame Street Big Bird Suit

3-How Big Bird Suit Works

4. What Happens When Key Is Inserted In Lock

4-How A Key Works When Put In Lock

5. How Action Sequences Are Filmed? 

5-How Filming With Green Screen Works

6. How Paper Clips Are Manufactured? 

6-How Paper Clips Are Made

7. The Life Of A Dandelion

7-The Life Of A Dandelion

8.  This Is How A Trumpet Plays Music

8-How a trumpet playes music

9. Day And Night Flight Pattern 

9-How Flight Pattern Change Through Out The Day

10. How Ice-Cream Cones Are Formed? 

10-How Ice Cream Cones Are Made

11. How Animals Drink Water With Tongue?

11-How Animals Drink Water

12. This Is How Terrifying Human Face Formation Looks Before Birth 

12-Human Face Formation Before Birth

13. Braces Straighten Your Teeths In This Way 

13-This is how braces change your teeth

14. X-Ray Image Of You Swallowing Food

14-X-Ray Image Of When You Swallow

15. Coins Getting Sorted In Machine 

15-How Coins Get Sorted In Machine

16. What Actually Happens When You Put On A Sunscreen

16-What Actually Happens When You Put On A Sunscreen

17. How Hay Bales Are Wrapped?

17-How Hay Bales Get Wrapped

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