18 Life Hacks To Pass Your Winter Like A Boss

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Snow in winter brings joy through several snow related activities but it also brings harsh cold and difficult situations. You cannot enjoy the snowy winter if you don’t feel warm enough or at ease in your day to day tasks. Therefore, we have collected 18 life hacks that will let you spend your winters in comfort and warmth.

1. Use CD As A Make-Shift De-Icer 

CD as a De-Icer

2. Coat Ice Shovels With Cooking Oil To Make The Job Easier

Man shoveling snow

3. Cover Socks With Plastic Bags To Keep Them Dry In Wet Shoes 

Keep Your Socks Dry

4. Park Your Car In East To Let Sun De-Ice Your Car 

Let Sun De-Ice Your Car

5. Cover Windows With Bubble Wrap To Make House Warmer 

Make House Warmer With Bubble Wraps

6. Zip Tie Tires To Make Blizzard Proof Bike 

Make Your Own Snow Tires

7. Use Razor To Remove Pilling From The Sweater

Remove Pilling From Winter Sweaters

8. Never Sit On The Cold Toilet Seat Again 

Socks For Cold Toilet Seat

9. Heat The Key With Lighter To Unlock A Frozen Lock 

Unlock A Frozen Lock

10. DIY Heater Without Using Gas Or Electricity

YouTube Preview Image

11. Cover Wipers With Socks And Keep Them In Air If They Stick To Your Windshield

Wipers Stick To Windows

12. Use Tin Foil Behind A Wall Mounted Heater Or Radiator

The tin foil will reflect the heat and will not let the wall absorb it. However, be careful and not use anything that can be a fire hazard.

Wall Mounted Heater


13. When The Car Is Parked, Use Zip-Lock Bags On Side Mirrors To Prevent From Freezing Over 

Prevent Side Mirrors From Freezing

14. Make Mittens From Old Sweaters

Mittens From Old Sweaters

15. Use Cat Litter For Traction If Your Vehicle Gets Stuck On Snowy Road

Cat Litter For Car Traction

16. Insert Screws Into The Bottom Of Your Tennis Shoes To Avoid Slipping On Snow

Slipping Shoes

17. Keep Your Winter boots Upright With Cut-Off Pool Noodles

Easy Shoe Storage

18. Make Your Own Warm shoe Insoles

Warm Shoe Insoles

Source: AwesomeInventions, ViralNova

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