18 Unbelievable Things That Actually Exists

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Here are 18 innovative and ingenious items that you won’t believe really exists.

1. Puppy Tweets Send Tweets To Your Dog Twitter Account Every Time It Barks 

1-Dog That Sends Tweets

2. You Can Activate MP3 Player Only If You Solve The Rubik’s Cube 

2-Rubik's Cube Mp3 Player

3. Hamburger Shoe 

3-Hamburger Shoe

4. Brainwaves Cat Ears Respond To The Brain Waves Of The One Wearing It And Moves Accordingly

4-Brain Waves Cat Ears

5. This Vest Translates Every Virtual Facebook Like Into A Hug

5-Vest That Translates Every Facebook Like Into A Hug

6. Vine Smoothie Is A Delicious Blend Of Dutch Cream, Wine And Natural Flavors

6-Vine Smoothie

7. This Invention Can Work As A Toaster And A Radio At The Same Time7-Radio And Toaster Combination

8. Sink Toilet That Conserves Water By Using The Water From The Sink To Flush The Toilet

8-Sink Toilet For Water Conservation

9. Moss And Wood Wireless Keyboard 

9-Wood And Moss Wireless Keyboard

10. Xtensor Gamer Hand Exerciser For Gamers Who Want To Strengthen Hand Agility On Controllers

10-Xtensor Game Hand Excerciser 11. Head Halter For Dogs Who Love To Pull Their Owners When Out For A Walk 

11-Head Halter For Dogs

12. Mus2 Is A Wirless Mouse Which Resembles The Shape Of The Pointer


12-Mus2 Arrow Shaped Wireless Mouse

13. Pizza Scissors Spatula

13-Pizza Scissor Spatula

14. School of Art, Design, and Media, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore – The Living Master Piece Of Green Architecture

14-Green Architecture School Of Art, Design And Media

15. Bacon Milkshake Is A Secret Item Of Jack in the Box Since It Is Not Present On Any Of The Branches Menu

15-Bacon Milkshake

16. Cindy Ashtray Where Cigarette Ashes Are Directly Brought Underneath The Plant

16-Cindy Ashtray

17. A Typical Hat That Can Hold Tissues For You 

17-Tissue Holder Hat

18. Pringles Unique Sweet Holiday Flavors

18-Pringles Unique Flavors

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