19 Artistic Business Cards That Will Blow Your Socks Off

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First impression can either make or break your business, depending on whether the customer had good or bad experience. A business has to take care of all the little details in order to gain a customer’s trust. However, the following individuals and businesses went one step ahead to impress their customers through the creativity in business cards, that exactly portrayed the vision of the company.

1. Bakery 

bakery business card

2. Cabinet Maker 

Cabinet maker business card

3. Cheese Shop 

Cheese Shop business card

4. Dentist

dentist business card

5. Director 

Director Business Card

6. Divorce Attorney 

Divorce Attorney business card

7. Personal Trainer 

personal trainer business card

8. Photographer

photographer business card

9. Programmer 

programmer business card

10. Radio Presenter 

radio presenter business card

11. Stylist 

stylist business card

12. Y+ Yoga Center

Y+ Yoga Center -Straw

13. Tok & Stok: Toy Chair 

toy chair business card

14. Mais Pilates Studio: Wake Up Your Body

Mais Pilates Studio - Wake Up Your Body

15. Hair Dresser 

Hair dresser business card

16. Erik Brandt Letterpress

Erik Brandt Letterpress

17. Cafe Java Fine Espresso

cafe java fine espresso business card

18. Broke Bike Alley

Broke Bike Alley

19. Juniper Football 

Junpiter Football

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