19 Creative Uses Of Common Household Items

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There are a lot of common household items in your home that can satisfy your crafty do-it-yourself side. These items can be used for a number of day-to-day tasks and save you from unnecessary expensive products. Therefore, we have collected 19 uses of common household items.

1. Hand Lotion Will Make Your Shoes Shiny And It’s Leather Soft

1-Hand Lotion As Shoe Shiner

2. Protect China From Scratches By Placing Coffee Filters In Between

2-Coffee Filters Can Prevent China Scratches

3. Sprinkle Cinnamon Around Home For Ant Repellent

3-Cinnamon As Ant Repellent

4. Wrap Fruits In Newspaper To Ripe 

4-Wrap Fruits In Newspaper To Ripen It

5. Cut Through Aluminium Foil To Make Scissors Sharper 

5-Aluminium Foil As Scissor Sharpener

6. Aspirin Can Be Used As Itch Reliever

Grind some aspirin tablets and mix with a couple of tablespoon water to relieve itch from a mosquito bite.

6-Aspirin As Itch Reliever

7. Honey Can Be An Excellent Anti-Bacterial Agent And Reduce Scarring On Wounds7-Honey As Germ Killer

8. Baking Soda To Unclog Kitchen Sink

You can unclog kitchen sink by pouring about 1 cup of baking soda down the drain and adding  some white vinegar. Let it sit for five minutes and then pour one gallon of boiling water on it. 

8-Baking Soda To Unclog Kitchen Sink

9. Rub Banana Peel On Silverware For Shiness

9-Bananas As Silverware Shiner

10. Aluminium Foil Can Be Used As Alternative To Dryer Sheets

10-Aluminium Foil As Dryer Sheets

11. Binder Clip Holds The Sponge At Kitchen Sink

11-Binder Clip Holds The Sponge At Kitchen Sink

12. Baby Wipes Make An Excellent Gadget Cleaner 

12-Baby Wipes As Gadget Cleaner

13. Use Coffee Filter To Wipe The Spray Cleaner From The Windows

13-Coffee Filters As Window Cleaners

14. Use Baking Soda As Toothpaste To Brighten Your Teeth

14-Baking Soda As Toothpaste

15. Burning Tea Leaves Can Repel Mosquitoes

15-Burning Tea Leaves Can Repel Mosquitoes

16. Tea Bags Can Be Used As Wart Remover

Place warm, wet tea bags on wart for 15 minutes three times a day.

16-Tea Bags As Wart Remover

17. Toothpaste Can Clean Sink And Remove Garlin Odor From Hands

17-Toothpaste As All Purpose Cleaner

18. Place Tea Bags In A Jar, Refrigerate It Overnight And It Will Absorb The Odor

18-Use Tea Bags As Deodorizer

19. Vinegar Can Make Your Pet Fur Sparkle 

Mix a cup of vinegar with qone quart of water and rub it on your pet for bringing shine.

19-Vinger Can Make Your Pet Fur Sparkle

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