19 Facts That You Missed Learning In School

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Check out the following fascinating facts and tell us which one did you miss out in school?

1. A Way To Visualize Pythagorean Theorem 

visualizing pythagorean theorem

Source:  9gag.com

2. This Is How It Looks When A Star Is Destroyed By Black Hole

star destroyed by black hole

Source:  en.wikipedia.org

3. What Does Snake Venom Do To Human Blood? 

snake venom in blood

Source: youtube.com

4. Best Example Of Linear Momentum 

linear momentum example

Source: gifbin.com

5. What Happens When You Remove Polarizing Filter?

invisible monitor for computer

Source:  gizmag.com

6. This May Be How Aztec Statues Were Placed On Easter Island 

how statues are fixed on eastern island

Source: scientificamerican.com

7. How A Spring Falls 

how spring falls

Source:  youtube.com

8. This Is How Small Our Earth Is.

how small earth is

Source: pandawhale.com

9. When A Cheetah Runs, It Quickly Rotates Its Tail To Cancel Rotational Inertia And Minimize Torque

how cheetah minimizes torque

Source: ewz-clan.forumotion.net

10. How A Chain Is Made? 

how chains are made

Source: boingboing.net

11. How A Beanstalk Finds Support? 

how beanstalk finds support

Source:  youtube.com

12. This Is How Ant Walk. 

how ants walk

Source: reddit.com

13. How A Key Opens A Lock? 

how a key works

Source:  gizmodo.com

14. Flying Snakes Do Exist 

flying snakes exist

Source: funnyflava.com

15. Cracked Egg Underwater 

cracked egg underwater

Source:  youtube.com

16. Some Octopus Can Camouflage Pretty Good 

camouflage octopus

Source: youtube.com

17. Boiling Water At Extreme Cold Temperatures 

boiling water at cold temperature

Source:  folioolio.blogspot.com

18. Arctic Summers When Sun Does Not Set 

arctic summer when sun does not set

Source:  huffingtonpost.com

19. This Is How A Lady Bird Flies 

How a lady bird flies

Source:  youtube.com


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