19 Insane Images Taken From Google Earth

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Google Earth has given access to places you may never have imagined to visit in your life. You can explore the earth at remarkable bird’s eye view and even stand on a specific point to view the surroundings. Amidst the search to visit your perfect dream place; sometimes you come across insane, weird and amazing earth images. Today, we have collected 19 of these satellite captures that truly portrays how things look from the sky above.

1. Potash Ponds – Moab, Utah, USA

1-Insane Google Images - Potash Ponds

2.  Flipped Car – Krefeld, Germany

2-Insane Google Images - Flipped Car

3. Grand Prismatic Spring – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

3-Insane Google Images - Giant Prismatic Spring

4.  Monkey Face – Russia

4-Insane Google Images - Monkey Face

5.  The Badlands Guardian – Walsh, Alberta, Canada

5-Insane Google Images - The Badlands Guardian

6.  Giant US Flag – 7300 Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77061, USA

6-Insane Google Images - Giant US Flags

7.  Firefox Logo – Dayton, Oregon, USA

7-Insane Google Images - Firefox Logo

8.  Hippo Pool – Katavi National Park, Tanzania

8-Insane Google Images - Hippo Pool

9.  Guitar-Shaped Forest – Córdoba, Argentina

9-Insane Google Images - Guitar Shaped Forest

10. Shipwreck – Basrah, Iraq

10-Insane Google Images - Ship Wreck

11.  Big Red Lips In The Desert – Sudan

11-Insane Google Images - Big Red Lips In Desert

12.  Rainbow Plane – Cathy Terrace Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA 

12-Insane Google Images - Rainbow Plane

13.  Mysterious Desert Pattern – Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

13-Insane Google Images - Mysterious Desert Pattern

14. Oil Fields – Rio Negro, Argentina

14-Insane Google Images - Oil Fields

15. Parking Lot For Fighter Jets – El Segundo, California, USA

15-Insane Google Images - Fighter Jets Parking Lot

16. Concentric Circles – New Castle, Colorado, USA

16-insane Google Images - Concentric Circles

17. Star Fort – Schansdijk 5, 4655 De Heen, The Netherlands

17-Insane Google Images - Star Fort

18.  Come Downtown And Play – Memphis, Tennessee, USA

18-Insane Google Images - Come Downtown and play

19. Lion King – Dunstable LU6 2LD, UK

19-Insane Google Images - Lion King

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