20 Creative Ideas To Hide Wires In Your Room

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Electrical wires can create a mess at home if not properly managed or organized. This is the reason why many people make spaces inside the wall for handling wires. However, there is another way to hide the electrical wires without spending too much on construction work. Here it is; you can make one of these 20 beautiful artworks out of the electrical wires.

1. Make Beautiful Vine Artwork Along Wire

Beautiful Vine Pattern Along Wire

2. Make City Of Lights With Lamp Wire 

City Of Lights

3. Get Your Wires Dressed In Colorful Beads 

Get Wire Worn With Beads

4. Hide Wire As A Frame Structure For Mirror 

Hide Wire As A Mirror Frame

5. Hide Wires Behind Wooden Panels 

Hide Wires Behind Wooden Panels

6. Make A Wire Bean Stalk 

Make A Bean Stalk

7. Make A Bulb Design From Wires 

Make A Bulb Design From Wires

8. Make A Tech Pattern With Wires 

Make a Tech Pattern With Wires

9. Make A Simple Tree Branch From Wire

Make A Tree Branch From Wires

10. Another Design For City Of Lights 

Make A Wire City

11. Hide Wires Behind An DIY Igloo 

Make An Igloo To Hide Wires

12. Make “The Mystery Machine” From Scooby Doo 

Make Scooby Dooby Van

13. Make Traffic On Wire

Make Traffic On Wire

14. Make Loops Out Of Wire

Make Wire Loops

15. Make Wire Power Station

Make Wire Power Station

16. Roll Wire Inside The Switch Board 

Roll Wire Inside The Switch Board

17. Wire Recorders 

Wire Recorders

18. Wire Tech City 

Wire Tech City

19. A Simple Wire Tree 

Wire Trees

20. Wire Vine 

Wire Vine

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