20 Pieces Of Art You Won’t Believe Are Made Out Of Banana

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Art matters more than the medium through which it is conveyed. Probably, that is why Art is a diverse subject mostly dependent on the artist’s imagination.

Keisuke Yamada is an electrician by day and artist by night. He uses his free time to make sculptures from a rather unconventional media – Bananas. Yes, the regular bananas we eat.

Artist Who Makes Banana Art

He got the idea of making sculptures out of fruits and after experimenting, uploaded the first sculpture made from banana. It was an instant success on internet which led him to do more work. He uses a spoon and toothpick to craft his work. Then he photographs the art-piece and eats it afterwards.

Check out Yamada’s artwork below:

1. Ancient Man

Ancient Banana Artwork

2. Monster Whale

Banana Monster Artwork

3. Young Frankenstein

Banana Boy Artwork

4. Castle In The Clouds

Banana Castle Artwork

5. Doremon

Banana Doremon Artwork

6. Rose Flower

Banana Flower Artwork

7. Hand From The Adam’s Family

Banana Hand Artwork

8. Jaws 3D 

Banana Jaws Artwork

9. Scary Joker 

Banana Laughing Man Artwork

10. Man Face Out Of His Skin 

Banana Laughing Skull Artwork

11. Aztec Man 

Banana Man Artwork

12. Davy Jones From Pirates Of Carribean 

Banana Priate Davy Jones

13. Scare Crow 

Banana Scarecrow Artwork

14. Snake 

Banana Snake Artwork

15. Alien

Banana Soldier Artwork

16. Zombies 

Banana Zombies Artwork

17. Hunter

Soldier on Horses Artwork

18. Chinese Character 

Chinese Character Banana Art

19. Chinese Dragon

Banana Dragon Artwork

20. Old Canyon Pistol 

Banana Gun Artwork

Source: Awesome Daily, Twitter

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