43 Master Pieces From This Year NAT Geo Photo Contest

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National Geographic hosts the NatGeo: Traveler and NatGeo Photo contests yearly in which thousands of skilled photographers participate from around the world. The images submitted to the competition are real portrait of our world and its inhabitants, though only a handful are selected as winners of their respective categories. The official results of NatGeo Photo Contest are yet to be announced, till then check out these 43 entries from the contest that are master pieces no matter if win or not.

1. “A Tree Dreaming” – Christian Spencer, Australlia

A tree dreaming-Christian Spencer-Australlia

2. “Achmad Sumawijaya” – Achmad Sumawijaya, West Samtra

Achmad Sumawijaya-West Samtra

3. “After Typhoon Haiyan” – Sergey Ponomarev, Phillipines

After Typhoon Haiyan-Sergey Ponomarev-Phillipines

4. “Alpe Di Siusi” – Douglas Croft, Italy

Alpe di Siusi-Douglas Croft-Italy

5. “Amongst The Fallen Leaves” – Eric Ste Marie, Canada

Amongst the Fallen Leaves-Eric Ste Marie-Canada

6. “Angry Kitty” – Hamish Mitchell, South Africa

Angry Kitty-Hamish Mitchell-South africa

7. “Balloons Of Cappadocia” – Dipanjan Bhattacharjee, Turkey

Balloons of Cappadocia-Dipanjan Bhattacharjee-Turkey

8. “Close To Heaven” – Mark Forder, Switzerland

Close to Heaven-Mark Forder-Switzerland

9. “Cultural Differences” – Rainier Jr Ona, India

Cultural differences- Rainier Jr Ona-India

10. “Curious Lemur” – Nicoletta Muscas, Madagascar

Curious lemur-Nicoletta Muscas-Madagascar

11. “Hand-Tube Fireworks” – Hidenobu Suzuki, Japan

Hand-Tube Fireworks-Hidenobu Suzuki-Japan

12. “Hope On The Horizon” – Christina Kehres, Africa

Hope on the Horizon-Christina Kehres-Africa

13. “Destroyed Homes”- Sergey Ponomarev, Syria

Destroyed Homs-Sergey Ponomarev-Syria

14. “Floating Car” -Takashi Nakagawa, Bolivia

Floating Car-Takashi Nakagawa-Bolivia

15. “Eye Wonder” – Jean Hall, FL

Eye Wonder-Jean Hall-FL

16. “Dreamscape” – Francesco Riccardo Iacomino, Iceland

Dreamscape-Francesco Riccardo Iacomino-Iceland

17. “Horse Rider”- Marc Ressang, China

Horse Rider-Marc Ressang-China

18. “Iridescent Clouds” – Oh Kobayashi, Japan

Iridescent Clouds-Oh Kobayashi-Japan

19. “King Of The Zoo” – Cindy Rossit, Canada

King of the Zoo-Cindy Rossit-Canada

20. “Luminarias” – Bartłomiej Jurecki, Spain

Luminarias-Bartłomiej Jurecki-Spain

21. “Maasai Women” – Seth Langbauer, Kenya

Maasai Women-Seth Langbauer-Kenya

22. “Machu Picchu Sunrise”- John Pena, Peru

Machu Picchu Sunrise-John Pena-Peru

23. “Malachite Sunbird” – Beau Kahler, South Africa

Malachite Sunbird-Beau Kahler-South Africa

24. “Morning Glory” – Cherly Jong, Indonesia

Morning Glory-Cherly Jong-Indonesia

25. “Mother” – Catherine Runyan, US

mother-Catherine Runyan-US

26. “Night Fishing” – Kwok Tai, China

Night fishing-Kwok Tai-China

27. “Pondering Weddell” – Kristian Parton, Antartic

Pondering Weddell-Kristian Parton-Antartic

28. “Searching For Love” – Spencer Black, North Carolina

Searching for Love-Spencer Black-North Crolina

29. “Sunrise Plaosan Temple” – Bill Stipp, Indonesia

Sunrise Plaosan Temple-Bill Stipp-Indonesia

30. “Phone Home” – Aaron Feinberg, Hawai

Phone Home-Aaron Feinberg-Hawai

31. “Painted Ladies” – Daniel Kudish, Mexico

Painted Ladies-Daniel Kudish-Mexico

32. “Sunward” – Hasan Baglar, Cyprus

Sunward-Hasan Baglar-Cyprus

33. “Temple of Gold” – Vince Lws, Myanmar

Temple of Gold-Vince Lws-Myanmar

34. “The Buckskin” – Bill Stipp, Texas

The Buckskin-Bill Stipp-Texas

35. “The Taste of Nature” – Tim Frost, Tanzania

The Taste of Nature-Tim Frost-Tanzania

36. “Tones And Manners” – Valerio Esposito, Mexico

tones and Manners-Valerio Esposito-Mexico

37. “Vatican Light” – Karen McDonald, Italy

Vatican Light-Karen McDonald-Italy

38. “Violet Breasted Roller”- Kathryn Duffy, Tamil

Violet Breasted Roller-Kathryn Duffy-Tamil

39. “Walking On The Savannah” – Jackson Albuquerque, SA

Walking on the Savannah-Jackson Albuquerque-SA

40. “Snowy In Florida…You’re Having A Laugh” – Graham McGeorge, USA

Snowy in Florida...Youre Having a Laugh-Graham McGeorge-USA

41. “Lunch Time”- Christian Miller, Australlia

Lunch Time- Christian Miller Australlia

42. “Reflection in Beauty” – Julie Caverson, Africa

Reflection in Beauty - Julie Caverson Africa

43. “Ominous”- Russ Francis, UK

Ominous - Russ Francis UK

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