21 Gadgets That Can Make Your Life Simpler Than Before

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In the world of technology today, all mainstream gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions appear pretty ordinary in terms of innovation and creativity. So we have gathered instead, 21 items from daily life that have been facet by this technology advancement and turned into regular gadgets. They not only appear innovative but are equally useful. Additionally, they also make life more easier. If you have already tried out any of them, don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below.

1. Compartment Frying Pan

compartment frying pan

2. Cord Labels To Be Save From Charger Thief

Cord Labels

Source: Kickstarter

3. Credit Card Light Bulb For Unexpected Power Outage 

credit card light bulb

Source: ThinkGeek

4. Grill Clips

Grill Clips

Source: Amazon

5. Index Cutting Boards

index cutting boards

Source: Affordable Luxury

6. Lekue Citrus Spray

Lekue Citrus Spray

Source: Yanko Design

7. Magnetic Light Switch – Never Forget Your Keys Again 

magnetic light switch

Source: Wonderful Engineering

8. moodINQ Programmable Tattoo System 

moodINQ Programmable Tattoo System

9. One-Click Butter Cutter 

one click butter cutter

Source: Amazon

10. Pizza Scissors

Pizza Scissors

Source: The Independent

11. Prong PocketPlug Case And Charger 

pocket plug case and charger

Source: GetdatGadget

12. Easy Roll And Pour Especially For Kids

roll and pour

Source: Skinny Mom

13. Expandable Drawer Dividers 

expandable drawer dividers

Source: Amazon

14. Over-The-Sink Strainer Board – Do Your Washing, Slicing And Dicing Over The Sink

over the sink strainer board

Source:  Amazon

15. Professional Multi-Chopper 

professional multi chopper

Source: Williams-Sonoma

16. Space Saving Kitchen Grater

space saving kitchen grater

Source: Amazon

17. Spagetti Measuring Tool 

Spagetti Measuring Tool

Source: Amazon

18. Trackbot Luggage Tracker

Trackdot luggage tracker

Source: Amazon

19. Under Desk Foot Hammock 

under desk foot hammock

Source: Gizmodo

20. Water Bottle Ice Cubes

water bottle ice cubes

Source: Amazon

21. Clip On Pouring Spout

clip on pouring spout

Source:  Amazon

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