21 Places Where Google Streets Went Wrong

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World has become more accessible with Google Street View as you can visit any place with just a few clicks. This has become possible because Google Car Camera drives around on the roads to capture images, pass them through an algorithm and ultimately let user explore any place. However, sometimes this camera captures absurd and funny pictures which somehow end up on website instead being filtered out through the algorithm. We have collected 21 such images for your amusement. Check them out below:

1. It’s Not A Building Design But Bird Droppings On Camera 

Bird Poop On Camera

2. Looks Like An Action Scene From A Hollywood Movie 

Bourdeaux France

3. Glitch In Google Maps  – Combined Two Photographs 

Brighton United Kingdom

4. Awesome Jumping Selfie 

Chihuahua Municipality Mexico

5. Oops! That Must Be Hurtful

Copenhagen  Denmark

6. After Party Decorations 

Epic Party Aftermath

7. Looks Like They Are Coming Back After Setting Fire In The Background

Jan Kempdorp South Africa

8. Reindeer Running From God Knows What

Laksefjord Norway

9. Scientists Are Not That Boring After All – These Created Laser Cupid 

Laser Experiment

10. Monkey Riding A Side Car 

monkey riding a sidecar

11. Google Employee Probably Trying To Fix A Camera 

New South Wales Australia

12. I Am Not Even Sure What He Is Doing 

Ontario Canada

13. Ghost In Broad Day Light 

Paris France

14. Captured On-Camera – Somebody Arrest This Guy 

Rapid City South Dakota

15. Google, Taking Pity On Lonely Cow, Blurred The Road 

Sardinia Italy

16. Cruelty! 

Tennessee USA

17. Might Have Got The Culprit Too! 

Toronto Canada

18. Don’t Know Helping The Car Passenger To Live Or To Send Him To Heaven 

Ullapool Scotland

19. Finnish Soldiers 

Vantaa Finland

20. The Man Got His Invisibility Cloak Slipped

Victoria Highway Australia

21. Is That A Gun In His Hand? 

Zurich Switzerland

Source: List25, Viral Nova

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