21 Poses That Can Make You Look Photogenic In Front Of Camera

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Many of us do not know about any pose to make, before facing the camera. But few of us have managed to find that special pose, which perfectly fits the needs. However, that particular pose keeps repeating in every single photograph over and over again.

Today, we are going to reveal 21 of such poses that you must try before camera. We assure you these poses will not only make you look professional but also will make you photogenic.

1. Full Height, Crossed Arm, Crossed Leg Pose

Photogenic Pose 1

2. A Simple Crossed Arm Pose For A Portrait 

Photogenic Pose 2

3. Simple Pose For A Formal Portrait 

Photogenic Pose 3

4. Leaning Against The Wall Pose 

Photogenic Pose 4

5. Against The Wall Informal Pose

Photogenic Pose 12

6. Resting Arms Pose

Photogenic Pose 6

7. Sitting On An Office Chair For Corporate Or Formal Portrait 

Photogenic Pose 8

8. Use Of Chair For Engaging And Interesting Portrait 

Photogenic Pose 9

9. A Casual Pose 

Photogenic Pose 10

10. Pose To Counteract Rigidness 

Photogenic Pose 11

11. Hand On Chin Close Up Pose 

Photogenic Pose 13

12. Outdoor Location Pose 

Photogenic Pose 14

13. Relaxed And Easy Pose 

Photogenic Pose 15

14. Work Environment Pose 

Photogenic Pose 17

15. Natural Pose Photogenic Pose 18

16. Formal Portrait Pose 

Photogenic Pose 19

17. Simple Pose For An Office Portrait 

Photogenic Pose 20

18. Natural And Relaxed Sitting Pose 

Photogenic Pose 21


19. David Beckham Pose 

Photogenic Pose 19

20. Tell The Story With Side Pose And Depth Of Field Shot

Photogenic Pose 20

21. Take Shot From Above Pose

Photogenic Pose 21

Source: Digital Photography Pose , Pinterest

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