21 Reasons Why Window Seat Is The Best Seat On Plane

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Here are 21 reasons to take a window seat on your next plane flight. Share your window seat experiences with us in the comment section below.

1. So You Can Understand Why Everyone Thinks Norway Is Beautiful

1-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - And finally understand why everyone thinks norway is beautiful


2. You Can Come Up With Creative Ways To Frame A Shot

2-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - Come up with creative ways to frame a shot

Photograph by TIM CAYNES | photopacity.com

3. A Solar Eclipse At 44,000 ft Is Pretty Cool

3-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - Because a solar eclipse at 44,000 ft is pretty cool

Photograph by Ben Cooper | launchphotography.com

4. You Can Laugh At Clouds Because They Look Like Cotton Balls

4-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - You can laugh at clouds because they look like cotton balls


5. You Could See A Rainstorm Like This Off In The Distance

5-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - You could see a rainstorm like this off in the distance

Photograph by HALEY LUNA

6. You Can View Breathtaking Sunsets

6-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - And the sunsets

Photograph by NEIL HOWARD 

7.  Or Mesmerizing Sun Rises

7-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - For the sunrises


8. And There’s Always Time For Another Sunset

8-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - And there’s always time for another sunset

Photograph by Oblivious Dude on Flickr

9. You Might See Chicago Skyline Reflected In Lake Michigan

9-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - You might see Chicagos skyline reflected in Lake Michigan

Photograph by MARK HERSCH

10. Cities At Night Can Be Beautiful 

10-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - Cities at night can be mesmerizing too

Photograph by Tom Anderson on Google+

11. It Gives You A Chance To Say A Final Goodbye To The Place You Just Left

11-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - It gives you a chance to say a final goodbye to the place you just left

Photograph by TOM ANDERSON on Google+

12. Now That’s A Clear Blue Sky Above The Clouds

12-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - Now that’s amore

Photograph by KIMG SENG on Flickr

13. You May See Your First Volcano

13-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - Or perhaps, see your first volcano

Photograph by JON SULLIVAN

14. Or You Can See The Highest Point In Africa

14-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - And seeing the highest point in Africa

Photograph by KYLE MIJLOF

15. This View Of A City Enveloped In Fog

15-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - Or a city enveloped in fog

Photograph by CHRIS on Flickr

16.  Nothing Beats The View Of A City From Above

16-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - And nothing beats the view of a city from above

Photograph by LINH NGUYEN

17. The Same Can Be Said For Mountains Like Fuji

17-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - The same can be said for mountains like Fuji

Photograph by mloge on Flickr

18. You Can See History In An Entirely Different Light

18-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - And you can see history in an entirely different light

Photograph by killerturnip on Flickr

19. You Can View Mount Rainier From Sky Above

19-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - And Rainier

Photograph by MICHAEL MATTI | Travel Photo Adventures

20. Forget Outside! Even The Windows Themselves Can Be Interesting

20-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - Forget outside! Even the windows themselves can be interesting


21. And Lastly Beverage Carts And Passengers Won’t Bump Into You On Their Way By!

21-Perks Of Plane Window Seat - And last but not least Beverage carts and passengers won’t bump into you on their way by!

Photograph by RYAN DESIDERIO

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