21 Unusual Uses of Duct Tape

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The word ‘Duct Tape’ has always been attached to kidnapping or murderous plots as we have all seen on television. This may be because its beginnings were as bloody and violent as we imagine it to be. It was developed during World War II for US military to make repairs in the field.

Duct tape is known for its strength, flexibility, durability and is waterproof. Criminals are not the only ones to benefit from these unique properties rather you can also get legitimate advantage in your daily life. Here are 21 unusual uses of duct tapes that defies its history with crimes.

1. Make Your Winter Boot Warmer 

You can make your winter boots warmer by taping soles with duct tape. The silver side of the duct tape should be upwards, this will help reflect the warmth of your feet back into the boots. 

Make Your Winter Boots Warmer

2. You Can Tie Up The Luggage On Top Of Your Car

Tie Up Luggage On Top Of Your Car

3. Make Flashlight Headlights For Your Bicycle 

Make Flashlight Headlights For Your Bicycle

4. Duct Tape Can Make You A Nice Wallet 

Duct Tape Wallet

5. Make Fisherman Sandals Out Of Duct Tapes

Duct Tape Fisherman Sandals

6. A Duct Tape Cup. It May Even Survive Microwave!

Duct Tape Cup

7. Fixing A Car With A Duct Tape Is Cheap

Cheap Car Fixing With Duct Tape

8. Make A Duct Tape Rope 

Duct Tape Rope

9. An All Duct Tape Hammock For Your Backyard 

Duct Tape Hammock For Backyard

10. Emergency Flip Flops Made Out Of Duct Tapes

Emergency Duct Tape Flip Flops

11. Make A Knife Sheath With Duct Tape 

Make A Duct Tape Knife Sheath

12. Duct Tape Can Save Life In Space. It Saved Apollo 13 Crew Members.

Duct Tape Can Save Life In Space

13. Necktie Or Necktape? 

Duct Tape Necktie

14. Duct Tape Can Fix Leaking Boats

Fix Leaking Boats

15. Protect Windows During Hurricanes 

Protect Windows During Hurricanes

16. Repair Water Bottle With Duct Tape 

Repair Water Bottle

17. Use Duct Tape To Hang Christmas Light


18. Fix Broken Ducts With Duct Tape

Fix Broken Ducts

19. Use Duct Tape To Make iPhone Case And Dock 

Make iPhone Case And Dock

20. Duct Tape Kept Ammunition Sealed During WWII

Keep Ammunition Sealed And Water Proof

21. Duct Tapes Can Even Lift A Car Up 

Lift A Car Up

h/t: List25, Reader’s Digest

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