22 Clever Billboard Designs You Have Ever Watched

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Companies need to stand out if they really want consumers to stop and look at their billboard advertisements. We have collected 22 such creative advertisements which will definitely catch your eye on the road.

1. Quitplan Comprehensive Program Helps Smokers Quit

1-Quit Plan For Smokers

2. Road Safety Message For Back Seaters To Belt Up

2-Road Safety Message

3. Tailgating Isn’t Worth Your Life

Tailgating is a practice of driving too close to front vehicle such that it can lead to collision when front one stops without warning.

3-Tailgating Collisions

4. Zwilling J.A. Henckels – A German Knife Manufacturer’s Ad

4-Zwilling J.A. Henckels Knife Manufacturer

5. Most Talked About Public Divorce Message 

5-Most Talked About Divorce Message

6. Xcingular’s Mobile Network Has Fewer Dropped Calls 

6-Mobile Service Ad

7. Berger Natural Finish Range Paints 

7-Berger Natural Finish Range Paints

8. Oldtimer Resturant Is Your Rest Stop During Travel On Austria’s Roads

8-Oldtimer Resturant Ad

9. Nike Run Trompe l’oeil Effect

This effect creates optical illusion from realistic imagery to give a touch of third dimensionality to the image.

9-Nike Run trompe l’oeil effect

10. Lowe’s Low Cost Home Improvement Ad 

10-Lowe's Low Price Home Improvement

11. Use Only What You Need

11-Use Only What You Need

12. Silberman’s Fitness Center 

12-Silberman Fitness Centre

13. Formula Toothpaste Builds Strong Teeth

13-Formula Toothpaste Builds Strong Teeths

14. Addidas 2006 FIFA World Cup Campaign

14-Addidas 2006 FIFA  World Cup Campaign

15. Trimming Potential Of Bic Razors 

15-Trimming Potential Of Bic Razors

16. Use Electricity Wisely

16-Use Electricity Wisely

17. Imodium Anti-Diarrhea Medicine 

17-Imodium anti-diarrhea medicine

18. Apple’s iPod And iTunes Advertisement 

18-iPod and iTunes Ad Campaign

19. Text & Drive Hazard Message

19-Text And Drive Hazards

20. Nationwide Insurance’s Triptych billboard

20-Nationwide Insurance’s triptych billboard

21. Law & Order TV Crime Drama 

21-Law And Order TV Drama Ad

22. Levi’s 501 Jeans 

22-Levi's 501 Jeans

Source: List25, Artatm

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