23 Breathtaking Photos Of Sky Night From Around The World

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Night sky is a constant reminder of the vastness of universe and littleness of our existence. Clear night sky with bright stars and tint of evening colors gives a feeling of magic and undiscovered mysterious. You are showered with calmness just watching the night sky and you will have the most peaceful sleep if you camp under one of these breathtaking sites.

If you cannot go out right now and enjoy a night sky, then check out these spectacular shots from around the world.

1. Arctic Sky, Norway

Arctic Sky Norway

2. Aurora Hunting On Isle Of Lewis

Aurora Hunting On Isle Of Lewis

3. Aurora, Isle Of Lewis

Aurora Isle Of Lewis

4. Dream Scape, Rila Mountain, Bulgaria

DreamScape Rila Mountain Bulgaria

5. Dreamy Earth, Turkey

Dreamy Earth Turkey

6. Galactic Dance, Mount Cook, New Zealand

Galactic Dance - Mount Cook New Zealand

7. Galactic Panorama, Arizona

Galactic Panorama Desert Arizona

8. Globin Valley State Park, USA

Globin Valley State Park USA

9. Lost In The Dark, Australlia

Lost In The Dark - Western Australlia

10. Milky Way Galaxy Over Devil Tower, Wyoming, USA

Milky Way Galaxy Over Devil Tower Wyoming USA

11. Northern Lights, Iceland

Northern Lights Iceland

12. Perseid Meteor Shower, Denver, Colorado

Perseid Meteor Shower - Denver Colorado

13. Radio Mast Milkyway, Finland

Radio Mast Milkyway - southern Finland

14. Red Square, Moscow, Russia

Red Square Moscow Russia

15. Southern Milky Way, Argentina

Southern Milky Way Argentina

16. Star Dust, Greece

Star Dust Greece

17. Stargazer, Area 51

Stargazer Area 51

18. Surreal Night, Easter Island

Surreal Night Easter Island

19. The Time Machine

The Time Machine

20. Thunderstrom, Nebraska, USAThunderstrom Nebraska USA

21. Tra Fiori E Stelle, Italy

Tra Fiori E Stelle Italy

22. Under the Milky Way, Australlia

Under the Milky Way Australlia

23. When Worlds Collide, Washington, USA

When Worlds Collide Washington USA

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