23 Car Hacks Every Driver Should Adopt

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Today we have collected 23 car hacks that every driver should adopt immediately. These hacks will not only make your life easier but also save your money. Give it a read and tell us how many of them you already knew about.

1. Make A Phone Holder With A Rubber Band

1-Car Hacks - Make A Phone Holder With A Rubber Band

2. Use Wet Newspaper To Remove Stickers From Your Car

Take a piece of newspaper, dip it in warm water and place it over the sticker for about 10 minutes. This will let the water sip through the sticker and it will fall off in your hand without any effort.

2-Car Hacks - Use Wet Newspaper To Take Off the Registration Stickers From The Car

3. Clean Out Extra Luggage From Your Car To Save Mileage

According to EPA, every extra 100 pounds of weight can reduce your fuel economy by seven cents per gallon which means it can add up to as much as $73 a year for someone who fills up 20 gallons a week. So get rid of all the extra stuff in your car to save yourself money. 

3-Car Hacks - Clean out the mess from your car to save mileage

4. Lighten Your Keychain To Protect Your Ignition Switch

A heavy keychain can weigh down the car’s ignition switch which can cause early wear and tear.

4-Car Hacks - Lighten your keychain to protect your ignition

5. Use Razor To Clean Any Bug Or Dirt From Your Windscreen

5-Car Hacks - Use Razor To Clean Any Bug Or Dirt From Windscreen

6. Cool Hot Cars During Summers In Less Than A Minute

Roll down a window of one of the car’s door, then open and close a door a t the opposite side for 5-10 times. This will allow circulation of air inside your car making it cool and less humid.

6-Car Hacks - Cool Hot Cars Under A Minute

7. De-Ice Car Lock With Applying Hand Sanitizer On Your Car Keys

7-Car Hacks - De Ice Car Lock With Hand Sanitizer

8. Fix Car Scratches With Nail Polish

8-Car Hacks - Fix Car Scratches With Nail Polish

9. Use An Old Shoe As A Cup Holder In Your Car

9-Car Hacks - Use Shoe As A Cup Holder

10. Use Minties To Temporarily Fix The Hole In The Fuel Tank

First dry out the area around the hole in fuel tank with a rag. Then chew a mintie until it sticks to your teeth, flat it out and apply it on the hole. Note this is a temporary fix, you have to see the mechanic afterwards.

10-Car Hacks - Fix fuel Tank With Minties

11. Remove Car Dents Using Really Cold Ice From Market And Protect Your Hands With Gloves

11-Car Hacks - Remove Car Dents With Ice

12. Use Tinted Plastic Sheet As Movable Shade

12-Car Hacks - Use Tinted Plastic Sheet As A Movable Shade

13. Clean Cloudy Headlights With Toothpaste

13-Car Hacks - Clean Cloudy Headlights With Toothpaste

14. Turn Your Car’s Ashtray Into A Smartphone Dock

You can find the detailed instructions at this link. 

14-Car Hacks - Turn Your Car Ash Tray Into A Phone Dock

15. Hang A Tennis Ball As A Parking Guide In Your Garage

15-Car Hacks - Hang A Tennis Ball As A Parking Guide

16. Use A Staple On Tough Keychain To Insert Car Keys Easily

16-Car Hacks - Use a staple on tough key chain

17. Keep Forgetting Car Parking Place? Download An App Or Take Photographs Of The Area To Remember The Place

17-Car Hacks - Find Your Car Parking Place

18. Park Your Car Facing East To Defrost Windscreen Quickly

18-Car Hacks - Park Your Car Facing East to Defrost Windscreen quickly

19. Use A Shower Caddy To Keep All Of Your Spare Fluids In One Clean Place

19-Car Hacks - Use a shower caddy to keep all of your spare fluids in one clean place

20. Use A Cereal Container And Plastic Bag As A Spill-Proof Garbage Holder

20-Car Hacks - Use a cereal container and plastic bag as a spill-proof garbage holder

21. Keep  Kitty Litter On Hand For Icy Or Slippery Roads

If you are stuck on an icy road, spread some kitty litter around the drive wheels of your car for added grip. Kitty litter is made of a mixture of either bentonite clay or silica which will give a car’s tires something to hold onto. The added weight of a big bag of kitty litter in the trunk will also help improve grip on a slippery road.
21-Car Hacks - Keep Kitty Litter On Hand For Icy Roads

22. Make An Enhanced Door Pocket 

You can buy a toolbelt pouch and attach to your car with hook-and-loop adhesive fasteners. This will be helpful in organizing stuff such as pens, notepads, or small cameras. 22-Car Hacks - Enhanced Door Pocket

23. Use Scented Candle On A Hot Day To Provide Air Freshner As It Melts

23-Car Hacks - Use Scented Candle As Air Freshner

Source: Motoringabout, Yahoo Autos, Mashable

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