23 Disturbing Panoramas Ever Taken From An iPhone

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Apple introduced Panorama mode (wide-field-of-view shots) with the launch of iOS 6 which lets you take amazing 360-degree photographs. The feature stitches together a slew of individual photos in a quick succession to create a single image. This feature itself might be smooth but it is not an easy task to use it for capturing panorama photos.

Check out these 23 panorama photos which were not only horrible but disturbing to look at.

Bend Man

Cartoon Face

Centipede Baby

Distorted Dog

Disturbing Disabled Man

Elongated Face Picture

Flying Body Parts

Flying Fish Dog

Freaky Scary Little Girl

Headless Woman

Insanely Slim Leg multiple hands

iPhone captures unknown identical twins

Longest Body Sheep

Longest Pointing Finger

Nose Mouth Mash Up

Riding A Two Legged Horse

Scary Ghost

Scrambled Face

The Longest Punch

Two Head Joined Image

Two Leg Horse

Wavy Arm

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