23 Ideas How Human Colonies In Mars Will Look Like

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NASA along with Elon Musk believe in expanding humanity beyond Earth and build a sustainable colony for a million people on Mars especially after the discovery of life on the planet. SpaceX plans to establish a small colony of humans on Mars by 2020 and envisions taking 100 people at a time to the red planet by the end of century.

While NASA and SpaceX are working on human colonization on Mars, we have collected about 23 concept designs depicting human lives on the red planet.

1. Human Colony On Mars With A Protective Dome

Elon Musk Human Colony At Mars

2. Human Settlement In Astronaut Pods On Red Planet

Mars One plans to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023 with only one condition: You cannot come back. A team of 4 astronauts will be send every two years to have 20 humans living and working on  Mars by 2033.

Mars Colony Astronaunt Pods

3. Permanent Human Colonization On Mars By 2040

According to American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, U.S. and NASA should focus on establishing a permanent colony on Mars by 2040.

MArs Colony Ideas To Save Human Race

4. Earth Plants Survival On Mars

Le Petit Prince – a robot was designed in 2009 to help Earth plants grow on Mars.

Mars Colony Saving Plants

5. Underground Human Colony On Mars

ZA Architects, a German firm, has proposed plans for a large, underground network of caverns to colonize humans on the Red Planet.

Underground Colony In Mars

6. Martian Homes For Humans

“Mars Base Challenge” – a competition held for NASA in which participants were asked to design living space for future astronauts. The winning design was a ‘honey comb’ shaped house with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and other six-sided rooms.

Possible Interior View For Mars Habitat

7. Conceptual Human Colonization On Mars 

This concept suggests to shift Earth homes on Mars with a protective dome for oxygen, around them for survival on Mars.

Humans Living On Mars

8. Agriculture On Mars

Bryan Versteeg made this concept art about agriculture and greenhouse on a Mars base.

Artists Convention Of Humans On Mars

9. The Jetsons Concept Of Mars Colony

The Jetsons was an American cartoon series set 100 years in future had a space colony just like the one shown in the image below.

Living On Mars Like Jetsons

10. Astronaut Pods 

Humans can colonize in a three level astronaut pods with protective dome gardens and garages.

Living In Pods on Mars

11. Human Martian City

This conceptual Martian city is a replica of New York city but with high tech buildings suitable for Martian Space.

Mars City For Humans

12. Living With Aliens 

Humans may encounter Martians after setting up colonies on the red planet, though we sincerely hope for friendly Martians.

Living With Aliens On Mars

13. Dark And Gloomy Human Colony On Mars

Mars Colony

14. A Vibrant Martian City

This conceptual Martian City has protective dome for almost everything.

Beautiful Mars Colony

15. Eden Project For Mars 

The Eden Project is a charity, focusing on sustainable energy, environmentalism and conservation. Their biome project can help human settlement on extra-terrestrial planets. 

Eden Project Living On Mars

16. Another Tech City Concept For Mars Settlement 

Mars City

17. A Decorative Living Space 

Probably humans will live on Mars as extravagantly as on Earth with this decorative anchored Martian home.

Omni Robot Living On Mars

18. Long Lived Mars Colony

This image speculates that Humans will build colonies on Mars that can be lived in for long periods.

Tube Mars Colony

19. Night Version Of Martian Human Colonies 

From Moon To Mars

20. Sky High Martian Colony

A similar concept shown in movies such as Oblivion and Guardians of Galaxy.

Mars City In Space

21. Artist Niconoff Vision Of A Mars Colony

Future Human Colonies On Mars

22. Human Colony By Oliver Vernay Kim

This image depicts an environment made for a Mass Effect 2 trailer in 2009. It’s a human colony on a desert planet where the buildings are made of modules which can be assembled in any configuration.

Human Colony By Oliver Vernay

23. A lonely Depiction Of Maritan Colony 

Human Colonization On Mars

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