23 Incredible Piece Of Arts Purely Made Out Of Trees

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The gardening art of training live lasting plants by clipping leaves and branches to develop clearly defined shapes is called topiary. This art dates back thousands of years back used by skilled gardeners to create beautiful designs of animals, objects and imaginary creatures. Today, we have collected 23 of such amazing artworks that will blow you away.

1. American Portable Style Topiary Art, Disneyland Resort, California

American portable style topiary Disneyland Resort California.

2. Beatles – Liverpool, England

beatles liverpool england

3. Famous Seurat’s Painting Topiary “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”

famous seurats painting topiary

4. Different Garden Designs For Topiary Art Work 

Garden Plant Designs

5. Giant Flower Made By Carving Garden Plants 

garden plant flower

6. Topiary Farm House Scene 

garden plants art

7. Giant 100ft-Long Dragon Took Ten Years To Complete

giant 100ft-long dragon

8. Giant Plant Castle, Olympic Gardens In Beijing China

giant plant castle Olympic Gardens in Beijing China

9. Hedge Hogs By An English Topiary Artist Steve Manning

hedge hogs  by a topiary artist Steve Manning

10. Herd Of Elephants By English Artist Steve Manning

herd of elephants by English artist Steve Manning

11. Topiary Woman Mini-Waterfall 

mini waterfall topiary women

12. Monumental Jazz Band Musicians, Century Park, Shanghai

monumental jazz band musicians Century Park Shanghai

13. Most Impressive Topiaries At The Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal

most impressive topiaries at the Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal

14. Ornamental Landscape Gardener

ornamental landscape gardener

15. Prince Charming And Cinderella On The Bridge Between The U.K. And France

Prince Charming and Cinderella on the bridge between the U.K. and France

16. Sleeping Beauty Topiary Art

sleeping beauty

17. Topiary Bicyclists Art With Regular Flowers

topiary art with regular flowers

18. Chameleon Art

topiary chameleon

19. Topiary Dolphins Riding A Water Spray Fountain

topiary dolphins riding a water spray fountain

20. Topiary Garden Art 

topiary garden

21. Half – Buried Wall Soldier

war soldier

22. Formula – 1 Racing Car 

Williams F1 headquarters  Formula 1 car.

23. Giant Topiary Owls, Nantou County, Taiwan

giant topiary owls Nantou County Taiwan

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