23 Isolated Houses That Are Both The Master Of Peace & Art

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All folks living in city can understand how all the hustle and bustle can amplify stress, anger and sometimes depression. In a situation like this, you wish to leave everything and everyone just to spend some alone time at a remote place with no worries at all. If you are going through the same sentiments and looking for options, then the following list can provide you with the most breathtaking isolated places in the world.

1. A Turf Church – Ethereal Iceland’s Countryside

a turf church - ethereal Iceland´s countryside

2. Apuseni Mountains – Romania

Apuseni Mountains - Romania

3. Beach Hut – Mexico

beach hut - Mexico

4. Double Cabin On Isolated Island In Northern Norway

double cabin on isolated island in northern Norway

5. Drina River – Serbia

Drina River - Serbia

6. Eremo Di San Colombano – A Monastery In Northern Italy

Eremo di San Colombano - a monastery in northern Italy

7. Forest House – Scotland

forest house in scotland

8. French Island – Ile De Saint Cado

French island - Ile de Saint Cado

9. House In Key West

house in Key West

10. Hut In Sulwald – Switzerland

hut in Sulwald - Switzerland

11. Katskhi Pillar – Western Georgia

Katskhi pillar - western Georgia.

12.  Mount Brown Hut – Newton Range

Marie-Luce arriving at Mt. Brown Hut. Newton Range beyond

13. Mu Cang Cahi – Northeastern Vietnam

Mu Cang Cahi -  northeastern Vietnam.

14. Munnar, Kerala – India

Munnar, Kerala - India

15. Solvay Hut – Matterhorn Mountain – Switzerland

Solvay Hut -  Matterhorn Mountain - Switzerland

16. Remote Hill, Northern Portugal

Remote hill, Northern Portugal

17. Salzburg – Austria

Salzburg - Austria

18. Stradbally – Ireland

Stradbally - Ireland

19. The Hobbit House – Forest Of Wales

the hobbit house - forest of wales

20. The Holy Trinity Monastery – Greece

The Holy Trinity Monastery - Greece

21. “The Outback” – Australia

the outback australia

22. Tiny House On Faroe Islands

tiny house on Faroe Islands

23. Vestmannaeyjar Archipelag – Iceland

Vestmannaeyjar archipelag - Iceland.

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