23 Photos You Won’t Believe Are Not Photoshop

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It is hard to believe but the truth is these 23 images are not photoshopped at all.

1. A Boy Was Born In China In 2010 With 15 Fingers And 16 Toes

31 fingers and toes

2. Sand Storm In Iraq In 2005

2005 sand storm

3. Rock Balancing – An Art To Defy Gravity

Balanced Rocks

4. Bicycle Swallowed Up By A Tree At Vashon, Washington

Bike Stuck In The Tree

5.  Black And White Santa At San Fransisco SantaCon 2009

Black And white Santa

6. Brutus The Bear Shoots Commercials And Attends Weddings As Best Man

Brutus The Bear

7. Sculpture By Neil Dawson Is Made Of Welded Steel In New Zealand

Cartoon Scultpture

8. Two Dogs Born Without Legs In Quezon City, Philippines

Dogs Without Two Legs

9. 300 ft Deep Drain At Lake Berryessa In California

Drain In California Lake

10. Giant Table & Chair Sculpture Called “The Writer”

Giant Table And Chair

11. Goats On Streets In Moroccan Desert

Goat Tree

12. Artist Berndnaut Smilde Formed Indoor Clouds Using The Perfect Conditions 

Indoor Clouds

13. Finland’s Hockey Player Petteri Nokelainen Pounds Norway’s Ole-Kristian Tollefsen Head 

Invisible Hockey Player

14. 85 Tool Swiss Army Knife Manufactured By Wenger

Knife of doom15. A Year’s Supply Of Corn On One Truck In Somalia 

lots of corn on truck

16. Tennis Match On Helipad Converted Tennis Court At Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Mile High Tennis Match

17. Rubber Ducky By Four Media Placed At All Harbours Around The World 

Monster Ducky

18. These Monster Rabbits Are Bred By Karl Szmolinsky In Germany For Food And Business

Monster Rabbit

19. Uno – World’s First One Wheel Motor Bike 

One Wheel Motor Cycle

20. Sand Dune And White Grass At Namibian Desert At Twilight

Sand Dune Captured

21. Seaweed Tentacles Along Innsmouth Beach in New England

Seaweed tentacles

22. World’s Largest Diamond Mine On The Edge Of Mirny, Russia

Sink hole

23. Two Faced Oldest Surviving Janus Cat In The World 

Two Faced Cat

Source: List25

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