23 Pictures To Prove That Urban Art Makes Earth Beautiful Place To Live In

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The urban life may seem sad and gloomy at times. In order to add a splash of color to monotone skylines, these artists have used their creativity on objects seen in day to day city life.

1. Beautiful Electrical Boxes 

beautified electrical boxes

2. Amazing Railings 

beautiful railings

3. Art Converts Ordinary Satellite Dishes Into Telescopes 

beautiful satellite dishes

4. Super Mario Storm Drains 

beautiful storm drains

5. Cartoonized Traffic Bollards 

beautifying traffic bollards

6. Books Used To Fill Up A Damaged Pillar Of An Old Library.

books used to fill up an old library pillar

7.  Chandelier Street Lamps

chandelier street lamps

8. Colorful Painted Petrol Pump

colorful petrol station

9. Faces Painted On A Drainge Pipe 

faces on buildings

10. Harmonic Convergence – Mesmerizing Effect Of Sunlight On Colored Windows

harmonic convergence

11. Lego Bridge 

lego bridge

12. Nature In The Concrete Jungle 

nature in the concrete jungle

13. Origami Artwork 

origami artwork

14. Painting Reality 

painting reality

15. Aquarium Phonebooth 

phone booth aquarium

16. Stained Glass Electrical Towers 

Stained Glass Electrical Towers

17. Stained Glass Phone Booths 

stained glass phone booths

18. Tanbo Rice Paddy Art – Japanese Artwork Done By Growing Different Types Of Artwork 

tanbo rice paddy art

19. The Healer Tower – Block Art 

the healer tower block art

20. Giving Meaning To Cracked Sidewalks 

turning cracked sidewalks

21. Umbrella Canopy 

umbrella canopy

22. Filling Damaged Walls With Lego Pieces 

using lego to fill up cracks

23. Yarn Bombing – A Technique To Employ Colorful Yarn 

Yarn Bombing

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