24 Scientific Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Science is an exciting field if understood and pondered upon. Today we have collected 24 scientific facts that are not commonly known and these facts will blow your mind. Read through them and tell us the fact you didn’t know about.

1. Discovery Of Artificial Sweetner

1-Scientific Facts - Discovery Of Artificial Sweetner

2.  Humans Can Fly

2-Scientific Facts - Humans Can Fly

3.  How To Attract Mosquitoes? 

3-Scientific Facts - Mosquitoes Love The Color Blue

4.  Revival Of A Fruit Plant

4-Scientific Facts - Revival Of A Fruit Plant

5.  The Science Of Fire

5-Scientific Facts - The Science Of Fire

6. It Snows Metal On Venus

6-Scientific Facts - It Snows Metal On Venus

7. Perception Of Time

7-Scientific Facts - Preception Of Time

8. This Is How Space Smells Like

8-Scientific Facts - This is How Space Smells Like

9. Russia Vs Pluto 

9-Scientific Facts - Russia Vs Pluto

10.  Ninety Seconds To Survive

10-Scientific Facts - 90 secs to survive

11. Mirrors Are Green

11-Scientific Facts - Mirrors Are Green

12.  You Should Visit Norway 

12-Scientific Facts - Go Norway

13. Sharks Want To Live Longer

13-Scientific Facts - Shark's Age

14. That’s Why You Don’t Remember Being A Baby

14-Scientific Facts - That's Why You Don't Remember Being A Baby

15. You May Have Wandered About That

15-Scientific Facts - You may have wondered about that

16. Play Video Games

16-Scientific Facts - Play Video Games

17. Thats One Giant Galaxy

17-Scientific Facts - Thats One Giant Galaxy

18. Children’s Favourite Dinousaur Never Existed

18-Scientific Facts - Children Favourite Dinosaur Never Existed

19. Pencils Can Be Made From Humans – That Sounds Creepy!

19-Scientific Facts - Pencils Can Be Made From Human

20. Poor Neptune

20-Scientific Facts - Poor Neptune

21. Water Under The Crust Of Earth

21-Scientific Facts - Water Under The Crust Of Earth

22. Pure Science Fiction

22-Seriously Science Fiction

23.  Save Economy At All Cost

23-Scientific Facts - Preserve Economy At All Cost

24. Bottled Water Contains More Bacteria Than Tapped Water

24-Scientific Facts - Bottled Water Contains More Bacteria Than Tap Water

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