3D Print Any Type Of Fruit You Desire

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Have you seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? Well, the character Flint Lockwood’s bizarre food replicating machine seemed a work of pure fantasy at the time but it has become a real world tech recently. In 2013, we saw 3D printed machines for chocolate, sugar sculptures and even pizza. Now a company claims to replicate not only natural fruits but also create new fruit varieties.

cloudy with a chance of meatball replicating fruit

An unconventional design studio and innovation lab in UK named Dovetailed has developed 3D printer to make edible fruits. They revealed the product last week at Tech Food Hack. The event was co-organized by Dovetailed and Microsoft Research Cambridge to re-think dining experiences.

3D printed fruit by dovetailed

Now it is not like it will create an exact copy of an apple in size and shape, but it can produce the same texture and flavor of an apple. This machine simply converts the liquid into a series of jelly like droplets using the right ingredients, coloring and the desired fruit juice. The fruit juice is mixed with alginic acid and dripped into a cold bath of calcium chloride. This technique is known as spherification which is an extension of molecular-gastronomy. The fruits produced are fresh and organic.

3D printing the edible fruit

This amazing 3D printer is targeted for chefs, foodies and all creative people who want to experiment with food. This can open up ample possibilities for professional chefs and kitchens at home.

At the event, Dr. Gabriel Villar, Chief Inventor at Dovetailed, stated: “With our novel printing technique, you can not only re-create existing fruits, but also invent your own creations. The taste, texture, size and shape of the fruit can all be customized.”

See more about the technology in video below:

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