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Grace Choi is a Harvard Business School student and she just had a very economical and intelligent idea. She realized that the make up industry uses most of the same ingredients to create most of the shades and colors that one finds in make up and they charge through the roof for it for some brands and at lesser prices for the others so she decided to apply the rule of choice to the equation and created a make it yourself kit for make-up that’s easy to use, a 3D printer.

Grace Choi

Grace Choi

She’s calling it, Mink. Its a 3D printer that allows you to mix a whole palette of colors to create which ever color you want for eye and lip liners. Miss Choi hopes to put a dent in the beauty industry by changing the way they do business. If this catches on, soon companies may be selling their ingredients instead of their products but then again restaurants do business even though many people on earth know how to cook.

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The best part is its ability to customize. The printer can choose from a whole palette of colors and you can also take a picture of yourself and post it in the printer software so that it figures out your skin tone and tailors its production accordingly. That’s a big problem women face, solved.

3d printed make up

The printer uses powders to create all of its products and costs $200. That’s less than the price of the make up many women buy each year. This 3D printer may influence the economy more than you and I can imagine just like 3D printing is effecting other areas of the economy today.

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