3D Printed Brings Colorful Kayak

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Kayaking is a popular adventure sport today. Kayaking down waterfalls and raging waters is a favorite of tourists. One Jim Smith is also an enthusiast and so he made his own custom designed Kayak with a 3D printer.

3d kayak

3D printers are everywhere, now that the world is finally getting used to their presence and their power and capability, people have started designing all sorts of things with them that are tailor made to their needs. Jim Smith has built a Kayak that looks more like a toy than a professional vehicle. It is built up of 28 individual parts each printed with a 3D printer. The parts have been joined together with bolts and brass threaded thermoplastic inserts and the sections are sealed by silicone caulks to prevent leakage.. The Kayak measures 16.7 feet wide and 1.72 feet wide.


Mr. Smith works at 3D systems and managed to produce the Kayak sections in a heated chamber to prevent warping or cracking in 42 days. The Kayak weighs about 29.3 kilogrammes and floats, as you can see.

The Kayak has been especially noted for its child like quality and color with many reviewers gushing at its nostalgic value. It reminds one of the rides at the amusement parks one used to adore.

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