3D Printed Heart Speeds Up Life Saving Operation

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3D printing has been creeping its way into the healthcare industry, over the last few years and finally today, brings a breakthrough. Heart surgery is a difficult and challenging procedure, and it gets more complicated, when a 14 month old boy’s small, complex and delicate heart is involved. Roland Lian Cung Bawi had some major defects to his tiny little heart which included a hole in his heart as well as, misaligned aorta and pulmonary arteries. He was destined for a short and painful life but thanks to this amazing technology of 3D Printer and the team of surgeons who saved the boy’s life.

Surgeon Austin stepped in and came up with this spectacular idea of producing a 3D Model of Roland’s heart which allowed the team of surgeons to come up with a precise plan to reduce the operating time as well as prevent the need for follow up operation.

3D Model of 14 mos old Roland's Heart. Built in three separate pieces.

3D Model of 14 mos old Roland’s Heart. Built in three separate pieces.

Using the facilities at the University of Louisville’s engineering school, Austin and his medical team created a three-dimensional model of the Roland’s heart so that the surgeons could take it apart and see the interior. Built with a flexible filament, this 3D model took almost a day and cost around US$600.



The surgery was successfully completed on Monday,Feb 10th and marked the first use of a 3D printer for a pediatric heart patient. Roland is doing well and the family is relieved.

Because of its tremendous ability to fabricate precise three-dimensional objects quickly and cheaply, we believe this technology could play a major role in Future of Healthcare Industry.

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